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Famous buildings: Stoclet Palace in Brussels

Stocleta Palace is a residence built at the beginning of the 20th century, whose innovative form was very impressive. The building was designed by the Austrian architect Josef Hoffmann.

It is one of the most impressive private residences. Stoclet Palace was built for the Belgian financier Adolphe Stoclet between 1905 and 1911. The investor was an art lover and collector. During a trip to Austria, he took a liking to Viennese Art Nouveau. When he was called to Brussels to take up a position as head of the Société Générale bank, he decided to build a grand residence for himself and his family. He invited Josef Hoffmann to work on the project, who did not have to reckon with financial constraints and could propose even the most daring form.

The building can hardly be called a house, nor can it be described as a villa. The best term seems to have been residence. In addition to its residential function, the building was also intended to have ample space for displaying works of art. The interiors were to impress visitors.

The palace is an excellent example of Viennese Art Nouveau. Every part of the building and every feature of the furnishings were carefully considered. From the façade, to the garden design, to the interiors of the children’s rooms, kitchen or bathrooms. It is a total project.

High-quality materials such as marble and gold-plated metalwork were used to build the palace. The architect decorated the façade with simple, geometric lines that make the building appear slender and elegant. Valuable elements are the decorative sculptures around the building and on top of the tower.

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Inside you will find artworks by artists such as Gustav Klimt and members of the Wiener Werkstätte: Bertold Loeffler, Carl Otto Czeschka, Leopold Forstner, Michael Powolny, Franz Metzner, Koloman Moser

Stoclet Palace is valuable for its historical and architectural value. According to an appraisal carried out in 2010, the value was estimated at 100 million euros. The building is still used for residential purposes today and therefore cannot be visited. The palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

source: UNESCO World Heritage Centre

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