Feel the oasis of clean air! Ciarko Design at Warsaw Home

In the vast desert, where the sun roasts incessantly and sand and dust float in the air, the only thought is that of a breath of fresh air…. In the midst of endless dunes, between dry sands, among cacti and grasses, there is a kitchen. Despite the mighty sand gales, nothing disturbs the tranquillity that reigns within. Why? This is how Ciarko Design somewhat poetically invites you to its world created at Warsaw Home

He is in control of all the turmoil in the kitchen. The kitchen hood. In spite of such changeable and often extreme conditions accompanying us in the kitchen, it perfectly copes not only with steam and odours, but also with smoke or grease while maintaining silence – just like in the desert. Why a desert?

A desert is a place where the air is clean and clear. The cooker hood works in a similar way, removing smoke, fumes and unwanted odours, leaving the kitchen fresh and pleasantly fragrant. Just as the desert traps sand particles, the filters used in Ciarko Design hoods catch microscopic dust particles and dust, eliminating them from the kitchen. In the desert, an oasis is where the source of life-giving water is found. The cooker hood is an ‘oasis of freshness’, providing clean air and comfortable cooking conditions

The cooker hood operates extremely quietly, providing a calmness similar to that of the desert. Ciarko Design kitchen hoods are energy efficient, which reminds us to save resources just like in desert conditions

We are inspired by nature! She is the one who sets trends and makes you feel good when you are surrounded by objects created in harmony and harmony with her. Just as the desert can be beautiful in its simplicity, the cooker hood is characterised by a minimalist design which will harmoniously blend into any interior, adds Monika Odoj, Marketing & Creative Manager at Ciarko Design

What did the Ciarko Design stand look like at the Warsaw Home fair? We publish the photo gallery below

source: Ciarko Design press materials(ciarkodesign.com)

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