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Fire in Copenhagen. The spire of the 400-year-old Stock Exchange collapsed!

A fire in Copenhagen broke out during the renovation of the Old Stock Exchange, which is one of the city’s landmarks. The majestic building adjacent to the Parliament building, among others, recently celebrated the 400th anniversary of its construction. According to the latest information, the characteristic spire crowning the building collapsed onto the roof destroying it almost completely. “This is our Notre Dame,” said Denmark’s Minister of National Defence. This comparison is frighteningly apt, and not just because of the stature of the building. Almost exactly five years ago (15 April 2019) we witnessed the French cathedral fire.

Fire at the Old Stock Exchange in Copenhagen

The fire at the edifice was most likely caused by human error. The building has been undergoing renovations for some time and, as in the case of Notre Dame, it is very likely that the error of the construction workers contributed to the fire. Services are already on site and a firefighting operation is underway. There are no reports of casualties. Reuters reports that local media showed valuable paintings being removed from the edifice to save them from burning.

“400 years of Danish cultural heritage in flames” – wrote the Danish culture minister on social media.

The Old Stock Exchange building is located near the seat of the Danish Parliament on the island of Slotsholmen in Copenhagen. It was built in the Dutch Renaissance style. It was formerly the headquarters of the Danish Stock Exchange. It now serves as the headquarters of the Danish Chamber of Commerce.
The building was commissioned by King Christian IV between 1619 and 1640.

The latest information is that the spiral spire of the building, which measured 54 metres high, collapsed. It was shaped like the intertwined tails of four dragons. In toppling over, the spire fell partly through the roof into the building. Its upper part fell into the street, taking a section of the façade with it.

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Video of the spire collapse:

LICENSE : Jorge Láscar from Melbourne, Australia, CC BY 2.0

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