Flat in a townhouse in the centre of Poznań. High interior impresses

It has 80 sq. m. The flat is located in a tenement from the early 20th century on Ratajczaka Street in Poznań. Its appearance was taken care of by Ewelina Matyjasik-Lewandowska of Chasing the sun.

The designer’s task was to emphasise the qualities of the interior to reflect the character of the building in which it is located. It was to be modern with a touch of Parisian chic. Ratajczaka Street is in the centre of Poznań. It is close to Święty Marcin Street, Poznan Castle or Stary Browar. The premises were created from the division of a larger one (over 140 sq m) as a flat for rent.

Despite the division of the larger space, a clear functional layout has been maintained. One enters the interior directly from the staircase. After crossing the threshold, there is a toilet, a bathroom and two bedrooms on the left. The largest is the living space, which consists of a huge living room with a kitchenette. The latter although small provides everything one should expect from a kitchen.

The kitchen area is separated from the living room area by a built-in worktop. Right next to it, a round table with four chairs, whose characteristic element is the Viennese braid, is set.

The flat in the townhouse retains the original door woodwork, which has been renovated by a carpenter. However, the floor, which previously varied in height, has been replaced. The renovated space is now bright. White and shades of grey predominate.

photos: Piotr Wujtko Photography

source: Ewelina Matyjasik-Lewandowska Chasing the sun

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