Flat with high ceiling in a tenement house in Poznań

Tenement flats have great potential, especially when they can ‘boast’ high ceilings, large windows and a balcony…. This was exploited by Katarzyna Bruch-Menz of BRUCH studio, who designed a flat in a tenement in Poznań. The new arrangement is kept in a minimalist style. Only a few colours accentuate their presence here.

The first colour mentioned is green. It is the door in this colour that leads into the flat in a tenement in the centre of Poznań. Inside lives a Polish-Italian couple who previously lived in Germany, but recently moved to Poznan. They wanted to live in the old brick walls. They found their dream place in the city centre.

Their new space is distinguished by stucco, red brick and a mosaic in a geometric pattern that highlights the entrance to the premises. There was also a classic herringbone wooden floor. The wall development managed to hide a wardrobe wardrobe so that outerwear and footwear can be quickly put away, this makes it much easier to stay tidy and organised on a daily basis.

The layout of the flat resembles a trapezoid, so when designing the interior, the architects wanted to “straighten” the space somewhat. An open-plan living area was to be created here, consisting of a kitchen connected to the living room, a closed bedroom, a bathroom and a dressing room located in the corridor. In the interior, classic elements were combined with loft accents. an example is the glass wall with the door leading to the bedroom.

Thanks to this door, the flat has been optically enlarged. More sunlight was obtained by replacing one of the windows with a balcony window in consultation with the city’s conservation officer. This isbecause the flat has access to an outdoor terrace on the side of the annex,” explains Katarzyna Bruch-Menz of BRUCH studio.

A good kitchen design was of great importance. It not only had to look good, but also be able to cope with any kitchen revolutions. Green fronts, a black worktop, upper cabinets crowned with a cornice and a rounded kitchen island with a carved leg give the whole thing a unique character. The details are also important. The copper handles provide an additional stylistic accent.

In such a small kitchen space, it was possible to accommodate all the functional aspects that a kitchen should have. And, I might add, all the dishes come out of an Italian’s hand. We can also see the continuation of the geometric mosaic in this section,” adds Katarzyna Bruch-Menz.

The red brick in the lounge area was preserved at the last moment. It was the only section of brick preserved in good condition among all the walls of the flat. Now it is a valuable detail that reminds us of the history of the place.

The bedroom is small, but they managed to fit a large bed with a headboard, a free-standing bookcase and create a workspace. Interestingly, the bedroom is a pass-through room from where you can access the bathroom. This solution is appreciated by the hosts.

The bathroom itself is located at the end of a long corridor. The designer chose to decorate it with glazed white tiles. The floor, on the other hand, has green tiles with a flower motif. The shower area is separated from the wash basin area by a wall. The deep navy blue of the washstand provides a strong accent in the interior. The recess next to the cabinet houses the built-in washing machine and storage space.

Every interior designer wants the design brief to be realised as faithfully as possible. Here, this has been achieved thanks to the trust of the clients and the interiors of the townhouse have exceeded the most pleasant expectations,” adds the designer in conclusion.


About the studio:

BRUCH studio is an in-house interior architecture studio working in the field of private and public interior design, founded in 2016 by architect Katarzyna Bruch-Menz, Eng. BRUCH studio specialises in interior design projects for private and commercial clients.

design: BRUCH studio, Katarzyna Bruch-Menz

photos: Resource studio

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