Green walls in Lodz. This is how plants beautify architecture

The City of Łódź boasts buildings that are decorated with climbing plants. These green walls show their beauty especially in autumn, when the leaves start to change colour. Creating such walls has many advantages

At the end of the summer, the City of Łódź announced that it was launching a campaign to green buildings in the city centre. Plants were then planted which will gradually wrap around the buildings. Other places in the city, where buildings have been covered with climbing plants for years, already prove that it is worth doing

In addition to the visual issue, plants on the façade help to cool the walls on hot days, lower the ambient temperature and purify the air. Such walls also have a positive effect on acoustics, which is important in a noisy city centre. The presence of climbing plants often masks facades whose appearance leaves much to be desired

Green walls have a positive effect on biodiversity. Appropriately selected species create an ecosystem in an urbanised environment

In Łódź, we could already see the new green wall of the kindergarten at 81 Kościuszki Avenue in early 2022. A special frame was used to decorate the wall

This one green wall is only the beginning of long-term plans. We hope that when residents and businesses see what it looks like and that, contrary to rumours, it doesn’t damage buildings at all, they will follow suit,” said Maciej Riemer, director of the Department of Ecology and Climate at the time

Green wall at Jaracza Street

Interestingly, the first green wall was designed in 1938 by Stanley Hart White of the University of Illinois in the United States. Previously regarded as a decorative element, thanks to Stanley we began to see its other possibilities. He called the wall of his design ‘Botanical Bricks’, as he wrote at the time, an idea that ‘has great potential for events such as world’s fairs, urban courtyards, indoor gardens and other projects’

source: UM Łódź, www.łódź.pl

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