Groovy boutique in Lodz. The new home of jewellery

The Groovy boutique is a small place with a big heart.The interior of the premises has become home to the jewellery created here, all created by the Groovy designers with the help of architect Joanna Stolarek from the LUVA architecture studio

Łódź, once a city of great textile industry, a promised land for many nations. Today, the city, which is recovering from the collapse of the political system in Poland, is being reborn. Examples of this are the many articles we have collected HERE. These are stories of tenement renovations, street repairs and new developments that are becoming landmarks of the city. It was no different with Włókiennicza Street, which until recently was one of the most dangerous streets in the centre of Łódź. The area underwent a complete revitalisation, got a new quality and life. Beauty salons, art galleries or artisanal concept stories started to appear on it. One of these is the Groovy boutique combined with a workshop where original jewellery is created

Groovy is a duo of jewellery designers for individualists, Dorota Kotwica and Joanna Mach. Graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, they show that it is possible to stimulate the senses, thoughts and imagination with a necklace or ring. The author’s brand is their response to the need to have something unique; the jewellery is made with attention to the smallest detail and using traditional goldsmithing techniques. Each collection of the brand is the result of inspiration from a selected piece of music and often refers to a retro atmosphere

Last year, the designers from Groovy, with the help of architect Joanna Stolarek from the LUVA architecture studio, designed the interior of their dream concept store. In addition to displaying jewellery, the space was also to be a workshop where the girls make jewellery on a daily basis

We love nature, and this has been reflected in our jewellery designs from the beginning. Natural materials, being among nature, inspiration taken from nature. We were both born in summer, this time of year is closest to us, and if we travel, it is preferably to warmer regions. We knew from the start that the space in which we and our clients would feel most comfortable had to be pleasant, cosy, bright and evocative of the Mediterranean style. We like smooth borders, rounded forms, warm and luminous colours. All this, in our opinion, creates a friendly aura,” explain the investors

This is why the place has been divided into two zones that gently intermingle with each other. The curved construction conceals a jewellery workshop. It can be accessed through a curtain of tassels. The artists wanted to be able to work in the workshop, but also be accessible in the boutique where the jewellery is presented. The floor, including the shelves, was made of epoxy resin in the brand’s colour. The khaki colour perfectly emphasises the vintage character of the interior. The walls and organic shapes were covered with a natural clay plaster with a warm colour

Upon entering the boutique, one is first greeted by a huge palm leaf attached to the wall opposite the entrance, a large olive tree and a semi-circular counter tiled with small tiles in a muted beige colour. Behind the counter is a table which, for the duration of various fairs/events, goes out with the girls and serves as a jewellery display. Along the premises are elongated, illuminated shelves on which the jewellery is displayed. Under the shelves, a khaki-coloured curtain that drapes over the drawers adds to the retro vibe. There is also a seating area where we can calmly try on jewellery or wait for rings to be resized

In the interior, organic shapes appear in the mirrors and in the “holes” in the construction that separates the boutique from the workshop. The whole has been composed in delicate shades of nature and rounded shapes, where plants play an important role. The interior atmosphere is full of warmth and nostalgia, while the jewellery stimulates the senses and reminds us of the best memories of summer

design: Luva(

photo: Hanna Połczyńska / chronicles

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