His murals adorn many cities. Michal SEPE Wręga

The exhibition ‘Human Factor’ is underway in Warsaw, with Michal SEPE Wręga presenting the latest instalment of his paintings. The artist has previously produced numerous large-format works. His murals have been created in cities all over the world.

The works on show in Warsaw have been created over the last year and a half. The exhibition is therefore a treat not only for lovers and viewers of street art, but also for contemporary art in the broadest sense. Works by SEPE can be found, among others, in the collection of Urban Nation, the cult street art museum in Berlin. “Human Factor” is also the artist’s first solo exhibition in Warsaw in 15 years! (in the meantime solo exhibitions in London, Rome and Zurich, among others).

The Human Factor exhibition presents a series of paintings that the artist has made in relation to the growing anxiety caused by the development of artificial intelligence and its destructive impact on the creative industries.

In my opinion, the sense of authentic and unique creation is based on the action of the unpredictable and predictable human factor. No algorithm, despite the most perfect analytical capabilities, can fully read, reproduce, predict and, above all, feel what lies behind such a creation and its author,” says the artist.

Man in his nature is dynamic, spontaneous and unpredictable. He is constantly evolving. Everything man does is perfect in its imperfection.

The paintings on display were created on the basis of original photo shoots in which people close to the artist took part. The result is a series of oil paintings, portrait shots and intimate representations of silhouettes, focusing all attention on the human being. The attributes and settings, although chosen intuitively, correspond to each person depicted, their character, disposition or even their life situation at the time.

photo by Ludwik Lis (IG: warsawstyle)

Michał SEPE Wręga was born in 1982 in Warsaw. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Landscape Architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Graphic Design and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. He currently lives and works in Warsaw as an illustrator and muralist. His murals can be found, among others, in Albania, England, Armenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Philippines, France, Georgia, Greece, Spain, Indonesia, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Luxemburg, Mongolia, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and Poland.

An exhibition with the artist’s works can be seen at the Leonarda Art Gallery in the Praga Koneser Centre in Warsaw until 28 April 2024.

source: Leonarda ArtGallery

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