Fototapeta w malarskim stylu w rustykalnej kuchni

How do you carry out a renovation in spring? Some tips for spring cleaning!

With spring comes the desire to make changes in your immediate environment – because it’s definitely a great time to redecorate your home. And the costs don’t have to be exorbitant: simply choose the wall decorations from our range and you will see that the whole space will completely change its character. When everything around you is in bloom, your home too can flourish with unique floral paintings. They will fit perfectly into a variety of interior designs – from rustic, vintage, boho and Scandinavian styles. You could also consider bringing in some sunshine even on cloudy days with paintings or even wall murals with motifs of sunny meadows, forest paths and magnificent mountain panoramas – and thus give the impression of visually enhancing an enclosed space. Another option worth considering is the use of exotic motifs or photos of colourful markets to spruce up the kitchen, for example. In two words: are you looking for inspiration? Go ahead and take a look at!

Renovating the kitchen. Add a touch of the exotic to the room

Have you decided that this is the moment to give your kitchen a makeover? As a rule, the kitchen is the heart of every flat and home, so it’s definitely a good idea to plan your renovation accordingly. An interesting idea would be, instead of investing in expensive tiles or forcefully building it up with furniture and thus clogging up the space, to simply put up wall murals with spices or market shots. In this way, cooking will not only be a pleasure in terms of taste, but also aesthetically and thematically well-matched. The multicolour nature of spices offers great freedom in interior design. For an eclectic style that mixes patterns, textures and colour, a wall mural with exotic spices can be the perfect accent, especially placed on the main wall and surrounded by bright furniture. Or perhaps you prefer a tropical style? Then placing such a wall decoration in the form of a painting or a wall mural on the wall near the dining table will create a paradisiacal atmosphere. Don’t forget to include a few large, green plants to emphasise the pleasant nature of the arrangement. If, on the other hand, renovating your kitchen means that you want to go for a rather rustic style and use natural materials, a wall mural or a painting with exotic spices will be a good, intriguing contrast, preferably placed on the wall opposite the main cooking area to keep the room balanced. What’s more, you can hang wooden spice shelves nearby, let them form a unified composition with the theme of our wall decoration.

Tropical landscape wall mural in an eclectic dining room

Floral house. Renovating and decorating with floral decorations

The main purpose of a renovation is to refresh a space and make it fresh and pleasing to the eye. The same is true when it comes to flowers – so why not take advantage of this relationship and adorn the repainted walls with the right decorations? Take, for example, the romantic style, which you can apply to your living room or study. The subtlety and delicacy of the flowers will go well with the pastel walls. You can either go for the whole thing and put a wall mural on the wall, or a set of several paintings with a flower motif in white or cream frames. Add to this a few decorative vases or bright pots with live plants and you have a unique effect without much effort. Decorations with floral motifs can form part of a rich and eclectic arrangement. Place them on the wall near other artistic additions such as macramé, lanterns or ethnic patterns on cushions. Even in a Scandinavian-style interior, decorations with floral motifs can find their place, adding contrast and life to a minimalist arrangement. Place them on the wall in simple, geometric frames or in the form of a triptych to break up the cool interior while avoiding excess.

Triptych with white flowers in a retro living room

Creative home renovations. The cost, and the great effect of decorating with landscaping

The most sensitive issue when planning a dramatic change is almost always the cost. The renovation, the house, the ideas on how to do it, many a person spends sleepless nights. That’s why we’re keen to make life a little simpler for you and suggest the best arrangements within a reasonable price range. You can opt for a Scandinavian arrangement – bright colours, minimalism and our landscape motif wallpaper will create the impression of an open spacious landscape, which fits in with the concept of hygge and peaceful living and at the same time does not cost much. Whether it’s a bedroom, a room or an office – hanging the decoration on the wall and focusing on the bright colours in the room will give the room a welcoming and sunny atmosphere even on a cloudy day. An eclectic style is also a good idea, where it can be used as a central design element. Place a wall mural with a landscape motif on the wall opposite the room’s entrance or space opposite a sofa, armchair or table to enjoy and relax at your leisure. You can invest in some bright, distinctive accents to coordinate with the wall decoration, or use the ones you already have to show a bit of your personality (especially if you’ve done a lot of travelling and have lots of souvenirs!).

It’s crucial that you make it feel like it’s your home. Renovating it doesn’t have to be a chore at all: leave the technical issues to the professionals and we’ll take care of the aesthetics, whether in the kitchen, living room or bedroom. Don’t forget to be consistent in choosing accessories and matching them to your tastes, and we guarantee you success. Don’t hesitate any longer, take a look at our extensive range! You don’t have to worry that a painting, sticker or wall mural will fade over the years – we make sure the colours stay vibrant.

Grey mural with mountain landscape in a Scandinavian living room

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