How to serve coffee? 7 ideas for delicious and beautiful coffee!

Planning a get-together with friends? Or do you just want to indulge yourself and have a coffee at home, served as beautifully as in an elegant café? If so, find out easy ways to serve your favourite beverage in an original way! And then pamper yourself and your loved ones with fancy coffee

Iced coffee – perfect for hot days

Nothing tastes as delicious as iced coffee in the summer! How do you prepare it at home? For starters, you need a coffee brewer or a coffee machine. Either one will help you make delicious, aromatic coffee – the base for a cold drink

If you want to make your coffee cold, it’s a good idea to make it a little stronger than usual – once you’ve added the other ingredients, you’ll have a drink that’s just the right strength for you. Then you can test different versions of the drink to your heart’s content!

Diet-conscious people will love iced coffee with… fruit! Brew your favourite coffee and leave to cool. Meanwhile, mix the berries of your choice with milk. Fresh raspberries or blueberries or ready-made fruit mousse will work great!

Place ice cubes in a tall glass. Pour in the fruit mixed with milk and top off with coffee. A delicious, refreshing drink with a fruity twist!

For a sweet iced coffee in the form of a delicious dessert, try this recipe for coffee with vanilla ice cream. Start by brewing and cooling the coffee. Then add 2 scoops of ice cream, 150 ml of milk and the previously brewed coffee to the blender cup. You can also add a dash of your favourite sweet sauce, such as chocolate or caramel. Blend everything together and pour into a tall glass

Coffee or dessert? Or both?

Fancy a warm, sweet coffee? Then a latte glass is the perfect way to serve it! As they are taller, they can hold both the coffee and the toppings. The beverage will also look much better in a clear glass than in a mug. How do you serve coffee, which can actually become a delicious dessert? The versions we have tested are

  • Coffee with whipped cream! Choose ready-made cream from a container for a quick fix or, if you have more time, whip it yourself. If you choose the latter version, add a little fruit juice or food colouring to the cream at the end of whipping. You will get a very striking, colourful whipped cream!
  • Coffee with fruit sauce. Fruit sauce goes particularly well with coffees served with milk foam such as cappuccino or café latte. Decorate the top of the foam with one of your favourite sauces – or combine several colourful toppings.
  • Layered coffee, a beverage that delights not only with its taste, but above all with the way it is served. If you decide to serve your coffee in this version, don’t limit yourself to the classic coffee and milk division! For example, add a fruit mousse, your favourite cream or a liqueur in a contrasting colour to the bottom of the glass. Only then carefully add the coffee. Top with milk foam or whipped cream. A delicious and impressive coffee!

Classic coffees don’t have to be boring!

If your favourite coffee is a classic espresso, americano or coffee with milk, you can also serve it differently than usual. How? First of all, prepare the right crockery. In this case, double-bottomed glasses work well. The coffee looks good served in them and the double glass allows you to hold the glass comfortably, even with a hot beverage inside

After brewing, garnish the top of your favourite coffee with lime, lemon or orange zest. This will make your coffee more aromatic and refreshing! You can use peel scraped from fresh fruit or candied peel. Shredded peel with a kitchen grater or longer ribbons (using a scraper or peeler) will look just as good

The top of the coffee can also be decorated with coloured sugar sprinkles, chocolate shavings or the spices cardamom and cinnamon

Many people find it hard to have a good day without coffee. If you are one of them, don’t hesitate to enjoy your favourite beverage! And if you are one of them, don’t hesitate to enjoy your favourite beverage. A beautifully served drink is sure to lift your mood even more!

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