Hydrogen bus in Lodz. It’s beautiful and eco-friendly!

A hydrogen bus in Łódź is currently undergoing tests proposed by the European Union as part of a campaign to promote hydrogen vehicles. This is the first vehicle of this type in Łódź. Similar tests also took place in Gdansk.

Łódź is taking part in a European Union project to promote hydrogen buses as zero-emission transport in urban agglomerations. In Poland, only Łódź and Gdańsk will have the opportunity for such tests

The hydrogen-powered Caetano H2 City Gold bus will run on 29 and 31 August on line 77, and on 30 August we will board it on line 55. It is equipped with five hydrogen tanks with a total capacity of 37.5 kg, which allow it to travel up to 400 km. The refuelling itself takes about nine minutes. The only emissions from energy generation that the bus produces are steam. This allows us to travel ecologically while caring for our environment

Hydrogen is one of the simplest chemical elements. It is a component of water, among other things, and its quantity on earth is almost unlimited. As a fuel, it has a high calorific value, so that with a few kilos of hydrogen you can travel several hundred kilometres. By comparison, several hundred kilometres on petrol would require several dozen kilograms of hydrogen fuel

source: UM Łódź / lodz.pl