Impressive. Interior of a house near Wrocław

The interior of the house was designed by Jan Sekuła, who runs the Zarysy studio. It is a 214 sq m space, every metre of which has been carefully designed. The house is located in a small village near Wrocław.

When designing the interior, the architect wanted to bring out its depth and draw out its enormous potential to serve the inhabitants perfectly. When describing the work on the project, he even used a musical comparison.

Metallica, Scorpions and The Who already have their own symphonic albums, but how do their standard releases differ from albums featuring an orchestra? The difference lies in the new and intriguing acoustic depths. They are multi-dimensional, full of character but also covered in a delicate quilt of softness. This is exactly what happened to the Log Cabin from 2000,” describes Jan Sekuła.

The interior of the house underwent a total metamorphosis. There were even structural changes that affected the layout of the rooms. Communication openings were widened and the walls of the living room were removed. Instead of static walls, a sliding wall appeared here. The old and heavy wooden staircase was replaced by a delicate hanging steel version. Some of the original log walls were covered with different types of cladding in a ‘forest cottage’ atmosphere.

The interior has been given decorative elements that reflect the character of the householders. The living room features a collection of posters by Ryszard Kai. The interior colour palette is based on shades of oak and pine mixed with elements of black and white. The monochromatic wooden background is varied in several ways, each room having its own colour accent.

The whole is complemented by elements of high-quality materials, textiles and Scandinavian design. The result is an interior with a cosy atmosphere, soft in feel and natural in finish.

A truly contemporary shack! – adds the designer.


About the studio:

ZARYSY – an interior architecture studio, a place where creativity is complemented by courage in design. The studio admits that it wants to develop awareness and sensitivity to design, and is constantly looking for new inspirations and solutions so that the designs are distinctive, unique and surprising. – At the same time, we know that even the most modern interior should remain ‘home’. We put our heart and commitment into every project so that the space we design is cosy and personal, but also unique every time,” writes architect Jan Sekuła about the studio.

photos: Tomo Yarmush

design: Zarysy

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