In the colours of wood. Eclectic flat in Wroclaw

It is a space for lovers of elegant solutions and modern design. The eclectic flat is located in Wrocław. Its interior design was created at the Habitat Wnętrza studio.

Its area is 59 square metres. The eclectic flat was transformed from a closed, narrow development layout into a spacious interior with a bedroom, dressing room, study, bathroom and a full-size kitchen with an island. The current layout allows morning light to stream through the study into the hallway. Mirrors further enhance the feeling of space. The entire concept was based on natural materials such as wooden flooring, stone countertops, linen curtains, veneered furniture, rattan and micro-cement in the bathroom. The owners took an uncompromising approach to product selection and opted for the highest quality.

Initially, the design was intended to be very light and delicate, but over time we began to see the beauty also in the dark wood and black accessories. Contrasting elements (e.g. a light-coloured sofa and a darker cabinet under the TV set) build up the character of the interior, which runs through all the rooms, giving the project cohesion,” explains Agata Pierożyńska from the Habitat Wnętrza studio.

The living room with the kitchen and the oval island are the centre of the flat, where all the meetings take place. Moving around this space is convenient thanks to the circular communication. A hanging metal shelf accentuates the most important place on the map of the flat, which is the space around the kitchen island. The mirror at the dining table reflects the light from the lamp, visually enlarges the zone and draws the eye away from the air-conditioning unit, which is located right above it. It’s a clever trick, especially in small spaces.

Right next to it, the designers placed a bright sofa and a small coffee table. The top of the latter comes from an old piece of furniture and has previously been specially cut to fit the new form. The corner sofa, a painting and a vertical lamp optically close off the room.

The bathroom is slightly less contemporary, based on the famous ‘gorse’ tiles on the floor. In this room, the walls have been covered with micro-cement finished with square tiles at the bottom.

Here, too, in opposition to the delicate base, the furniture stands in dark veneer, which was stained to the client’s order. Thefittings in grey brushed steel are a nod to timeless design, reveals the architect.

Despite its small size, the bedroom has its own wardrobe. This makes it easier to keep things tidy. A separate storage area makes the bedroom feel calm and minimalistic. To build a contrast, the designers placed a chocolate bed in boucle fabric and dark wooden bedside tables in the room.

The flat was designed to enhance the space, while using a play of contrasts and natural earthy colours. The overall palette is a palette of browns and beiges introduced into a contemporary flat, which gives character and soul to a brand new and fresh development.


About the studio:

Habitat Interiors is a studio based in Wroclaw. The studio specialises in interior design. The founder and chief architect is Agata Pierożyńska, who is also a graduate of the Wrocław University of Technology. Habitat was born out of the need to create a close relationship between the designer, the investor and the interior. – During the design process, we conduct a dialogue in order to arrange all the plans and needs into a clear and user-friendly whole,” reads the studio’s website.

photo: Studio Resources

design: Habitat Wnętrza

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