Okna INNOVIEW dają możliwość tworzenia dużych przeszkleń otwierając nowe spojrzenie na przestrzeń wewnątrz domu.

Innoview vertical windows. Match your home design

INNOVIEW vertical windows are a tried and tested product in Fakro’s product range, which finds its way into houses and multi-family buildings all over the world. Modern technology makes it possible to ‘tailor-make’ such a window. The solution makes it possible to select individual window elements and build the whole like building blocks. This is also attractive for architects, who will be able to prepare the design of their dream home without limitations.

INNOVIEW windows are a high-quality construction consisting of multidimensional glazing, wood and aluminium. Their design has been created in such a way as to allow personalisation of the window from the type and finish of the profiles, to the construction and appearance of the glazing, to the details of the connections. This is a great advantage because the window can be customised not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of appearance.

Closer to nature

The manufacturer has prepared four types of wooden frames. You can choose from: robust oak wood, pine profiles with light grain and good thermal insulation, durable and warm larch frames or exotic meranti wood characterised by a unique grain.

The possibility to choose the shape and colour of the frames makes it easy to match the window to the aesthetics of the entire room. In this way, a living room or bedroom becomes a complete design and is aesthetically coherent. INNOVIEW window profiles are available in two versions: REGULAR and CLASSIC. The former are straight, while the latter are softer and shaped with a slight slope. Their consistent feature is the tenon jointed corners, which has a positive effect on the rigidity and durability of the structure.

Tailor to your needs

Estheticians will appreciate the choice of frame finish. It can be in a shade that matches the wall background or the wooden elements of the décor. Or you can go wild and completely change the approach – a different frame colour makes the window contrast with the interior and becomes a distinctive accent. Which colour to choose? Thanks to modern opaque layers with a semi-matt finish and colours of your choice, you have complete design freedom. We are only limited by our imagination! There are more than 250 RAL colours and special shades to choose from. The cladding also plays an important protective role. It protects the frame against negative atmospheric influences, so the joinery does not need to be renovated.

When choosing a window for your house, you should pay attention to the shape of its aluminium profiles. In the case of INNOVIEW windows, you can choose from the classic SOFT, the modern MODERN (with flush sash and frame) or the PURE version, where the frame is a single plane as with fixed glazing.

Energy efficiency and security

Another important aspect is glazing and energy efficiency. In large glazings, glazing is primarily responsible for thermal performance, so the choice of glazing package design should be well thought out. INNOVIEW windows are available with either double-chamber or triple-chamber packages. Both types are embedded in the frame with gaskets, using the dry glazing technique – without silicone. This further improves the tightness of the joint.

Fakro’s engineers have placed great emphasis on the feeling of security and comfort of use, which is why the fittings in INNOVIEW windows allow for easy and quick opening and closing, even in large sizes. In terms of burglary resistance, the joinery is offered in RC1 or RC2 class.

INNOVIEW windows offer complete freedom in design. Their modern design and minimalist finish will allow you to create an interior that fully meets your needs. For more about INNOVIEW windows, visit the official website: www.fakro.pl/innoview.

source: Fakro

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