It has 50 sq m and is in Gdynia. A flat with a hint of the Orient

Elements reminiscent of the Orient were taken care of by architects from the KODO studio; this medium-sized flat is 50 square metres and is located in a new building in Gdynia. The interior was intended to be timeless, modern and elegant.A marriage of oriental accents with a subtly softened contemporary style was arranged here

The designers thoroughly understood the needs of the owners. The latter wanted a large living space and a separate, additional sleeping area. The first objective was achieved by slightly reducing the size of the bedroom, the second by relocating the annex. To enhance the impression of space, the bedroom was separated from the living area by cassette sliding doors hidden in the wall. These were made of oak wood. In addition, the separate bedroom area was obscured by a light partition made of black-painted steel and glass

Central to the arrangement are the materials chosen for it, their colours and unusual decorative elements. In the realm of materials, we revolve around wood, stone and steel – attention is drawn to the wooden furniture, doors and laths on the living room wall, the structured stone cladding in the kitchen and bathroom and the black steel of fittings, radiators and partition frames. The world of colour is built on a juxtaposition of warm wood browns, deep blacks and a range of muted greys, the designers describe

The unconventional visual elements are based on the use of vertical lines, which visually lift the ceiling and optically enlarge the whole. The decorative elements manifest themselves in various forms – a high radiator, openwork constructional obstacles or in the form of spatial lamellas on the walls and soft upholstery panels, as well as in the form of straight lines of high furniture

The exotic wallpaper with a Far Eastern motif on the bedroom wall is impressive. Vertical lines are also a form used in the furniture handles, bathroom fittings and some of the light fittings

A note of elegance was given to the space by carefully selected accessories – lighting fixtures, radiators in an unusual form or black fittings

Attention is drawn to interesting functional solutions – a recess in the corridor furniture, a seat in the kitchen, an upholstered bench in the dining room or a fanlight under the ceiling in the bedroom wall – the authors of the project add

Design consistency can also be seen in the chosen furniture – the RTV cabinet or the coffee table. A space full of elegance, functional solutions and warmth was created in the flat in Gdynia

source: KODO

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