It has 70 sq m and is located in Kraków. Flat in Zabłocie

Its interior was designed by architects from the Ventana Sur Studio, founded by Ezequiel Suarez, an Argentinian architect with Polish roots. The flat is located in Zabłocie in Kraków. The project was created for a young family who appreciate minimalism.

The architects began their work on the project by analysing the existing development layout. Thanks to the changes, a lighted remote working area was separated and space was created for white goods, which are now hidden in the corridor instead of in the bathroom.

The investors wanted their dream interior to be minimalist and with a hint of vintage, to make use of modern technology and to be a comfortable place to live. The architects chose a dominant theme – dark stain is the distinguishing element of the furniture in almost every corner of this flat. In contrast, the studio decided on noble yet warm, broken tones of white or sandy, minimalist Italian Marazzi tiles. Oak also reigns supreme on the floors, but it is lighter and laid in a classic French herringbone pattern.

In the kitchen area, dark oak furniture gives the interior a Scandinavian flair and, combined with ceramics and crystals, is reminiscent of interiors from a bygone era. The long worktop conceals wide and ergonomically positioned drawers underneath, which made it possible to limit the top to a minimalist shelf topped with a single light source. The focal point, however, is the island-bar, which features comfortable hockers with backrests.

I wanted my clients to be able to enjoy a really spacious and comfortable seating area. In order to meet both functional and aesthetic expectations, we ultimately decided to design the furniture from scratch,” says the architect.

This ensured that every available metre of space was carefully utilised.

When designing the bathroom, minimalism was again used. The Japanese-inspired glazed tiles together with the simple form of the shower are reminiscent of modern Asian interiors.

Noteworthy is the bedroom, where a completely new space with access to natural light has been arranged. It is now a comfortable place to work remotely. The zone is distinguished by black concrete with a coal-like texture. The bedroom is located behind a custom-made glass door. The oversized oak headboard is complemented by modern black lamps by the Polish brand Ummo.


About the studio:

Ventana Sur Studio is a boutique design studio founded in 2018 in Krakow by Ezequiel Suarez, an Argentinian architect with Polish roots. The studio specialises in interior design and author supervision, and for the most demanding clients, it also carries out personalised turnkey projects. According to Suarez, Ventana Sur is a window that opens to a new perspective. It’s drawing attention to aspects of interior design that are not common in local offerings. It is the architect’s unique style combined with contemporary needs, resulting in a dialogue of aesthetics, functionality and form. Suarez’s work draws on a wealth of experience gained from hundreds of revitalisations and projects in residential and commercial interiors in Argentina, Spain and Poland. The international character of the studio (on a daily basis, the studio’s designers work in up to four languages) and the founder’s personal involvement in each design story has allowed Ventana Sur Studio to work with clients from Poland, but above all with foreigners from South America, the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia deciding to take root or invest in real estate on the Vistula.

project: Ventana Sur Studio – Ezequiel Suarez(

photography: Patryk Polewany(

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