It is 32 m high. Viewing tower in Wolin

This is a new attraction. The viewing tower in Wolin is a wooden structure, the top of which offers views of the surrounding area, including the cliff coastline and the Szczecin Lagoon. It is 32 metres high in total and the observation deck was built at a height of 26 metres.

The structure has already been opened to the public. The observation tower was built from larch wood. The structure has 11 storeys and a path designed without steps leads to the top. Thanks to gentle ramps, the viewing platform can also be accessed by people with disabilities and pushchairs.

The construction of a viewing tower was already talked about by the local authorities in 2021. At that time, a conceptual design was presented, which was prepared by the architectural studio HAMER. Due to rising prices for building materials, the design at the time was modified.

The viewing tower in Wolin was built from 250 cubic metres of wood. It has an unusual shape, which is meant to bring to mind a sailing boat. This is particularly evident in the lower storey, which is shaped like a hull, and in the supports and connectors, whose form imitates sails.

No more than 50 people can use the observation tower at any one time. There is a gate at the entrance, which counts the visitors and closes automatically when the maximum number of visitors is exceeded.

Use of the attraction is free of charge. It is currently open from 8am to 5pm, but in the summer the opening hours will be extended – to be adapted to the time of year and to allow, for example, sunsets to be admired.

The construction of the tower is part of a wider project to revitalise the green space on Parkowa Street. The project will provide residents with a small amphitheatre, a renovated statue of Trygawa, a playground and elements of small architecture.

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source: West Pomerania

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