It is like a small settlement. Library in a field of chrysanthemums

The modern library is a project by studio ATELIER XI. The architects set it on a vast chrysanthemum plantation at the foot of Yuntai Mountain in China.

The architects were tasked with designing a multifunctional facility that could be used by the local community. Instead of erecting one large building, they decided to divide it up functionally, thus creating a kind of small cultural settlement. A total of five small buildings were constructed here, whose modernist form does not interfere with the view of the landscape. Each module has a pitched roof, a reference to the traditional architecture of the region. In addition, strong glazing right up to the roof frames attractive views of the greenery.

In total, the facility includes a tea room, reading room, room for cultural events, agricultural workshop room and tool storage. By breaking down these functions into small buildings, the architecture and nature in the neighbourhood complement each other. “The settlement” is like a vantage point for the growing flowers, and the sculptural form of the building becomes an artistic backdrop to the vibrant life of nature.

The construction of the buildings on a circular plan means that the sun wandering across the sky changes the mood inside from hour to hour. Like a sundial, the library allows the passage of time to be observed on a daily scale. Through the windows, the passage of time can be seen throughout the year.

The architects deliberately opted for a white façade. In this way, they have created minimalist volumes that do not shout. The interior, on the other hand, is filled with wood.

design: ATELIER XI(

photos: Zhang Chao

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