It is the most popular radio station in Poland. We take a look at the headquarters of RMF FM!

The new interior of RMF FM radio’s headquarters is the result of the work of architect Agnieszka Goryjewska. The designer opted for a loft-like atmosphere and created an arrangement of the recording studio space, which is located on the premises of an old fort at Kopiec Kościuszki in Kraków

Being able to design in such a unique space is quite a challenge for an architect. The brick interior provided an opportunity to create a unique space. Agnieszka Goryjewska is the author of the latest interior for the recording studios of Radio RMF FM. The new arrangement introduces a loft-like, bold character to the old buildings of the Kościuszko Mound fort in Kraków

Krakow’s historic buildings are spaces where history and modernity can be combined. The presented interiors of Radio RMF FM are an example, combining the industrial character of the loft with the history of the fort, which has housed the radio station’s headquarters for many years. One of the most spectacular elements of this project is the new director’s office. It is distinguished by a geometric wall in an intense shade of yellow, which catches the eye from the first glance. This wall is not only a unique visual element, but has also been adapted to the needs of filming. The glazing that surrounds it allows full control over the recording process. This is complemented by a specially dedicated and designed studio table, which acts as a command centre, allowing precise adjustment of the settings while working. Part of the designed space also included the country’s most modern newsroom, recording studios, editorial offices and conference rooms

The lobby space, which connects the various entrances to the recording studios, impresses with its conceptual approach. Each entrance has been distinguished by patches of intense yellow colour, creating a dynamic and unique layout. It is in the lobby that the loft character of the project is reflected, which smuggles the spirit of modernity into the old walls of the fort

It is impossible not to mention the lighting, which is a key element of the entire concept. The linear lighting of the lobby creates an extraordinary visual effect, giving the space a modern look. This lighting not only has an aesthetic function, but also a practical one, providing just the right amount of light in this representative space

The interiors of Radio RMF FM in the old fort buildings are definitely more than just a studio. It is a place where sound meets design and history becomes part of the present. Thanks to Agnieszka Goryjewska, this radio station broadcasts not only in words, but also in style. Its loft boldness brings a new quality to this unique place

design: Agnieszka Goryjewska

photography: Patryk Polewany – Polewany Photos(

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