It was devastated. A small wooden bridge in Bytom after renovation

The wooden bridge is located in the Mickiewicz Park in Bytom. Until recently, it was in a terrible state. Now the renovated structure can once again be used by residents

A wooden bridge and footbridge were repaired in Bytom’s Mickiewicza Park. The cost of the works amounted to 86 thousand PLN. The Adam Mickiewicz Park in Bytom is a popular place for the residents of Rozbark, a district in Bytom. A few months ago, the bridge and platform were vandalised, making it unsafe for residents to use

Thanks to renovation work, it has been possible to replace damaged parts of the structure, the vertical posts of the railings and some of the planks have been replaced. In addition, the upper layers of the girders are new

The repairs to the bridge also involved dismantling damaged structural elements, replacing support beams, planks and posts. A new balustrade was created at the bridge. The bridge and the deck also underwent maintenance and were repainted,” informs the Bytom City Hall

The bridge and the footbridge can now be used safely. The renovation works have been accepted by the inspectors of the Municipal Road and Bridge Administration

The Adam Mickiewicz Park in Bytom was established at the beginning of the 20th century. It covers an area of almost 9 hectares, and residents can enjoy a variety of vegetation, including Italian poplars, white willows, birches, maples, but also aquatic vegetation. The south-western boundary of the park is the bed of the Border Stream, which is a tributary of the Bytomka River

source: Municipality of Bytom

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