It will be like an educational trail. The garden of the Krakow women in Krakow

The garden is being created to symbolically celebrate the granting of suffrage to women in Poland. The Krakow Women’s Garden is being realised by the City of Krakow’s Greenery Management Board.

Poland was one of the first countries in the world where women gained the right to vote. This happened on 28 November 1918. To commemorate this event, the Garden of the Women of Krakow is being built in Krakow. The green space is being created on a plot of land on Prądnicka Street, near Nowy Kleparz.

In its design, the Board of Urban Greening envisages planting colourful plants here. These include roses, tulips, lilacs, clematis, red maples and acacia robins. In total, several thousand flowers, shrubs, climbers and bulbs will appear here, as well as a hundred trees.

The central part of the garden will be occupied by an educational path, which will present the history of women’s emancipation in Poland and around the world in an attractive form. Along the path, clearings will be created to host various cultural events. As part of the works, new paving and small architecture – benches and baskets – will be laid. A memorial square will be built on the main communication axis. A plaque with the date 28 November 1918 will be placed there.

Thegarden is located in the centre of Krakow, right next to the bus terminus, so it will be an excellent place not only for strollers but also for those waiting for their bus, announces Krakow ZZM.

The plan to create a new garden at this location already appeared in 2018, the centenary of the granting of suffrage to Polish women. However, the project has only now begun. For the time being, the date of completion is not known, but we hope that the new place will be used by residents later this year.

source: Urban Greenery Management in Krakow

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