It is modest. Summer house made of cork and wood

Its floor area is 153sq m. The house was built using cork and wood. It was designed by Dario Cobo Calvo and built in the tiny town of Navajeda in Spain.

Although it was built as a holiday home, its large size means that the owners are happy to spend long months here. The house was designed to use as many natural materials as possible in its construction. The owners knew that the most important thing in the whole project was not the body of the building, but the nature that spreads out around it. The house was built on the outskirts of the village and the panoramic windows offer views of the mountains and sky.

The house was built using prefabricated elements. The laminated wooden frames were made in the workshop and transported to the construction site ready for assembly. The skeleton of the building was constructed in just one week. The use of laminated timber reduced construction time, carbon footprint and energy requirements. The building is equipped with underfloor heating and a fireplace, but due to the warm climate, the need to heat the building occurs quite rarely.

The house has a facade that was built using cork and wood. The roof in the middle is made of corrugated sheet metal, and the transparent layer allows more natural light to penetrate the interior. The building itself has a very simple shape. It was designed on a rectangular plan and is topped with a gable roof. The simplicity of the shape is broken by a slightly more elaborate layout inside.

The central part of the building is the living area, which is bordered by the private areas. The glazed centre, like a greenhouse, accumulates warm air, which then penetrates into the shadier parts of the house. Warm, natural colours and a minimalist décor dominate here. The owners have kept the amount of furniture to a minimum.

The architects also succeeded in designing a mezzanine floor accessed by a winding staircase. It is a small space that serves as a home library. The bedrooms are located on the other side of the building.

design: Darío Cobo Calvo – gurea arquitectura cooperativa

photo: Javier Bravo,

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