The power of colour continues. H&M HOME is pleased to present a bright, colour-saturated new PANTONE collection. The second iteration of H&M HOME PANTONE presents two palettes, Zesty & Fresh and Spicy & Sweet, playing with the idea of aroma, flavour and hues. The collection focuses on serving and food storage – from serving bowls, placemats to footed trays and more – and of course also includes scented scented candles in a variety of colours.

Continuing the energising and refreshing spring season, this colourful capsule continues to explore the impact of colour on our surroundings, interiors and mood. For Sweet & Juicy, the two colour versions are 032 C and 1575 C. Orange is a visible, bold colour that evokes emotion and passion – and is, of course, closely related to the colour red. Red is the face of both love and anger. It is an intense colour in which little means a great deal.

Zesty & Fresh shades include 361 C, 382 C and Yellow C, which provide freshness and crispness. The shades of green evoke nature and being outdoors, a sense of balance, joy and calm. It is a colour that ideally enhances mood and encourages tranquillity – a natural addition to home interiors. Motivational yellow is equally focused on joy and happiness, but is also said to improve communication and wisdom. It easily evokes feelings of happiness, reminding us of sunshine and light.

The vitality of colour is fundamental to its impact on our emotions, senses and the ease with which it transforms our living spaces with a touch of paint. The new H&M HOME 🖤PANTONE capsule collection continues to play with these concepts, but this time it revolves around the kitchen table. In this second edition, we explored the relationship between food, taste and colour. Perhaps you prefer the freshness of greens and yellows or you just want to mix it up by also adding the spice of reds and oranges. The choice is up to you. We hope that this collection featuring specially selected PANTONE shades will be a bright addition to our customers’ table settings,” – says Evelina Kravaev-Söderberg, Head of Design & Creative at H&M HOME.

The H&M HOME 🖤 PANTONE collection of interior items includes everything you need to bring a bright injection of colour to your dining and living room. The collection ranges from small to larger square plates, with any combination of yellow and bright green or orange and red. Continuing with the dining theme, two sizes of serving bowls are available: a medium one in orange and yellow and a large one available in red or light green – perfect for a spring salad. Smaller and decorative but essential pieces in the collection include a 4-pack of saucers in a combination of red and orange or light green and yellow shades, as well as a 2-pack of coasters in orange or yellow. The final touch is the jars, available in two sizes: small and medium. These are available in green and red. Decorative, neat items for any home space consist of a legged bowl in red or green, ideal for displaying any fruit or vegetable, and a classic vase, available in orange or light green.

Finally, there are an abundance of scented candles in a variety of vibrant shades. For the Mandarin Gelato fragrance, an orange candle is ideal, and if one prefers Pink Grapefruit, a red candle is the obvious choice. Lemon Verde is the scent for the Yellow candle and finally Green Basil for the Green candle.

H&M HOME 🖤 PANTONE will be available in selected shops and online on 25 April 2024.


Recognised as the global authority on colour, PANTONE provides a universal colour language that enables critical colour decisions at every stage of the workflow for brands and manufacturers. More than 10 million designers and manufacturers rely on PANTONE products and services to help define, communicate and control colours from inspiration to execution, using advanced X-Rite technology to achieve colour consistency across a range of materials and finishes for graphic, fashion and product design.

For more information, visit www.pantone.com.

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