Kitchen furniture – which ones to choose to make your kitchen look stylish?

The kitchen, especially one connected to the living room, should look its best. After all, it is the showpiece of your home. Wondering which kitchen furniture to choose to create a stylish and modern arrangement? Check out our tips!

Stylish kitchen furniture – which to choose?

The kitchen, like other rooms in the house, is usually decorated once every few or several years. During this time, trends can change several times. Therefore, timeless arrangements are always the most fashionable. Aim for universal colours, patterns and forms that will look tasteful despite changing fashions.

Choose kitchen furniture in white, grey or pastel shades. Wood-like furnishings or those combining wooden elements with soft colours are also great choices. Are only light colours timeless? No, among the elegant colours there are also more expressive tones, such as bottle green, cobalt or maroon.

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Kitchen furniture finish – matt or glossy?

Glossy, almost mirror-like fronts look very modern and chic. However, they are not always in fashion. If you want a glossy finish, which optically enlarges your interior, opt for a softer option – semi-gloss, which does not dominate the styling. Whatever the trend, matt or semi-matt furniture looks great. Such models work beautifully with any colour palette: warm and cool tones.

A stylish kitchen needs to be consistent

Using cabinets, worktops and wall units in the same colour can seem boring and monotonous. Consistency does not mean choosing identical fittings. You can opt for cabinets in different colours, for example, chosen in contrast. A combination of white and black, white and wood or black and wood is always an excellent choice.

The look of the kitchen is also greatly influenced by the right mix of white goods. If you want to furnish a cohesive space combining shades of white and wood, fitting a black cooker, oven and fridge may not look very good. White or grey appliances would be a better choice. Remember also about repetition. If you have bought a black oven, try to ensure that the fridge, cooker and small appliances are also similar or preferably the same shade.

Kitchen worktop – highlight the style of your kitchen

When looking for the perfect furniture for your kitchen, pay attention to the worktop. It is an element that is very important when it comes to the presentation of the room. It is a kind of dot over the i in the kitchen design. Choose a high-quality worktop that will still look good and tidy despite years of use.

Wooden worktops will fit beautifully into boho, Scandinavian and modern styles. For very chic and glamorous interiors, marble worktops will be a hit. In industrial and loft kitchens, you may be tempted to use natural stone or solid wood worktops. Terrazzo worktops are also an interesting option and look great with pastel-coloured furniture.

Stylish kitchen – accessories to look out for

Details are very important in room design. When choosing furniture, make sure that lower and upper cabinets have the same handles. Using ornate gold knobs and simple geometric silver handles in the same kitchen will not look good. Also, try to buy a kitchen sink and mixer tap that will be consistent with the rest of the furnishings.

Complement the kitchen with lighting. Choose pendant lamps and wall sconces that will not overwhelm or dominate the arrangement. In addition, the luminaires you purchase should be suitable for the conditions that prevail in the kitchen. Ideally, they should be resistant to moisture and heat. Speaking of kitchen details, also take care of the selection of sockets and electrical contacts. These small elements can effectively spoil a stylish arrangement. Planning a white kitchen? Use white sockets, but the same models are unlikely to work in a black, elegant space.

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