KNOT console with Red Dot award. “Oscar of design” in the hands of Poles!

The KNOT console with the Red Dot award is certainly something to be proud of. Not only for the designers, but also for all Poles, as our country is known for its furniture production and great design. Congratulations to BONEGA DESIGN and the designers Łukasz Paszkowski and Kamila Jakubowska-Szmyd responsible for the design of the KNOT console.

Remote working has meant that we are spending more and more time in our homes, realising how important the space around us is. Our homes have become perfectly designed functional machines for living – but they are missing life and joy. The Knot console is characterised by its original form, bringing a breath of freshness and positive emotions to our interiors. Playing with a seemingly impossible form is an impulse to action and a message that everything is possible.

“Konsola KNOT is a project with a wink. It is playful, original and light-hearted. It is characterised by its original form, bringing a breath of freshness and positive emotions to our interiors. Thanks to the fact that it is made of steel, it is durable and will age nobly serving many generations.” – explain the designers

People in developed countries have access to all sorts of goods and are beginning to make their purchasing decisions more consciously, seeing the environmental cost of mass-produced, temporary products. The design of a small piece of furniture such as a console was created with the contemporary society in mind, which is setting a new quality of life and definition of luxury, embedded in conscious consumption and sustainability.

The KNOT console is made of steel, so it is durable, will age nobly and can serve many generations. It can also be recycled/upcycled without degrading the environment. The manufacturing process uses traditional craftsmanship – the skill and craftsmanship of human hands.

How much does the Knot console cost and where can I buy it?
The Knot console costs PLN 5,000 and comes in several colour variants. You can buy the console directly from the manufacturer’s website BONEGA DESIGN by clicking HERE!

Design: Łukasz Paszkowski, Kamila Jakubowska-Szmyd /

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