Kraków flat with A’ Design Award!

The interior was designed by a team of architects from the Eklekt Atelier studio. The Krakow flat won the Silver A’ Design Award in the interior and exhibition design category in 2022. This is not the only accolade for this space

A unique feature of this flat is the streamlined shapes. The architects deliberately avoided sharp edges to create a cosy and light space. The effect was achieved by reaching for a soft and eye-pleasing colour palette. In this way, it designed the entire 66 square metres of space

What can be seen inside is the result of inspiration from the building itself. The flat is located in a new apartment building, the outer walls of which run along the large diameter of an ellipse. This was taken advantage of by architect Przemyslaw Cepielik, who applied a similar treatment inside and filled the rooms with smooth, soft lines and rounded shapes. High-quality materials were used here, which can accompany the householders for many years. The final result is a space with a minimalist character, which is at the same time warm, gentle and cosy. This impression is enhanced by the subtle lighting. The occupants can easily vary the intensity of the light and thus influence the mood

The flat is divided into two zones. The first is the living room with kitchen and dining area. This is the living area where the occupants spend most of their free time. The second is the private zone, which consists of a bedroom combined with a bathroom annex. To create this division, the architects had to design a new functional layout and demolish some partition walls. The unusual layout can be seen in the plan, which we publish in the photo gallery. Rounded walls are difficult to arrange, but the Krakow flat proves that an apparent problem can be turned into an interior asset. In order to make full use of the available space, furniture with rounded and streamlined shapes was used. The cabinetry was made especially for this space. An example is the kitchen area, where the curved columns are made of mdf. This treatment made it possible to mask the static elements of the building and the ventilation risers. The white goods were concealed from the fixed installation by means of running systems

Similar systems are used in the built-in area that separates the night area from the living area. Looking at the photos, one might get the impression that the built-in was made as a cladding of a solid wall. In fact, it is a cleverly designed storage system. The wardrobes conceal a running glass door system, which is repeated in the entrance from the bedroom to the bathroom

When designing the interior, the architects paid attention to every detail. They treated the transitions between the zones in an original way that arouses interest and encourages exploration of the space. At the same time, it is an interior tailored to the character of the residents. The space promotes a sense of calm and stability

The designed flat in Krakow recently won the Silver A’ Design Award in the interior and exhibition design category in 2022. Earlier, the space was appreciated by the jury members of the competition “WNĘTRZE = DESIGN as/of/in FUNCTION” organised as part of the 7th International Biennale of Interior Architecture by the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. The flat won the Grand Prix award in the Private Interior category

Another international award that the architects from Eklekt Atelier received for the Krakow flat is the Gold Winner award in the Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023, which recognises the best projects in architecture and design. The competition is organised by APR, a media platform and organisation that works with publishers of the architectural press from around the world. The winners of this competition are world-famous architectural studios, including Foster Partners, Jean Nouvel, SOM office or Perkins&Will, among others

The A’ Design Award & Competition, on the other hand, is an international competition held in Italy. Both architects and industrial form designers participate in the event.The awards are decided by a jury of industry experts – lecturers, journalists, designers and entrepreneurs

Project: Eklekt Atelier

Design team: Przemysław Cepielik, Grzegorz Bukowski, Małgorzata Krupa, Ewelina Słomska


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