La Panthera restaurant. The interior is like a European salon

When looking for topics for articles on, we usually ask architects themselves about their new projects. This time is different. An email arrived in our inbox from architect Rohit Bhoite, who runs the House of Design studio. He sent photos of his latest project – the interior of the La Panthera restaurant in Mumbai. Despite the fact that Polish readers are several thousand kilometres away from the restaurant, he wanted to show off its appearance in our country. We immediately agreed to write about it. It is something to look at!

The La Panthera restaurant was designed as a “cosy European lounge”. Here, the architect has combined different motifs, materials and textures to create a surprisingly cohesive interior. The elegant space is meant to reflect the vibrancy of Mumbai, but at its finest. Instead of creating a classic restaurant with tables, the designer opted to divide the interior into smaller zones that look like a hotel lobby.

When designing the interior, the architect was inspired by European culture. High-quality furniture is meant to evoke Italian craftsmanship, antique accessories – to let you move back in time. The interior is like a dialogue between past and present.

This combination of artistic experimentation, meticulous attention to detail and custom-made furniture has achieved a visually captivating effect that strikes a balance between playfulness and sophistication, describes the architect.

One of the main ideas behind the creation of La Panthera was the architecture of Europe. These motifs can be seen here at every turn. The reception area consists of a marble bar, the space is decorated with fresco-style artworks by the Za Works team. The decorative columns and arches are inspired by the Italian style. The sizable space was brightened by large chandeliers, which were arranged asymmetrically. The entire space was complemented by large plants, which, in addition to their decorative function, also act as partitions between the tables and positively contribute to the sense of privacy.

The main room is decorated with a fresco by Za Works, entitled ‘Inner beast’. The colourful work of art has become a focal point that is already visible upon entering.

The restaurant also features a private dining room. This is a light-filled room with a mosaic floor in which a wine rack made of brushed gold has been set up. Another intimate dining room is located at the end of the restaurant. It can seat up to 16 people and has been designed to provide a luxurious experience. This is influenced by several design elements – a suspended ceiling in the shape of a dome with champagne leaves, a large crystal chandelier and a gold wine rack.

La Panthera restaurant does not limit its menu to a specific cuisine. You can enjoy dishes from all corners of Europe. You can also order a pizza here, which is baked in a large pizza oven. What do you think of this combination?

design: Rohit Bhoite – House of Design

photos: Talib Chitalwala

styling: Meetu Swani

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