A summer house near Toruń. They have a beautiful view of the lake

It is 120 sq m in size. The summerhouse is located near Toruń. The body of the building was designed by architects from the miks.tura architekci studio, and the Atmosferic office is responsible for the interior. Initially, the house was to be smaller, but thanks to modifications, it can be used all year round

The investors had planned to build a summer house of about 90 square metres, part of which would consist of containers. The original idea was changed, resulting in the “Seagull” house, an all-year-round house built in traditional technology, which has a surface area of almost 120 sq m

The house was designed in such a way as to visually merge it with the nearby nature. This was achieved by opening up the living area to the lake and the western veranda. Folding windows helped to achieve this. The windows can be folded in a way that opens the house to the outside. In this way, the living room and dining room become a kind of covered terrace. This treatment can be seen well in the published photos

One of the initial design intentions hatched was to view the lake not only from the perspective of the house user, but also from the driveway – as a visual invitation and a promise of relaxation. This was in conflict with the fact that the house is located on a very narrow plot of land, and both the architects and the investors wanted a direct view of the lake from the key rooms. The effect of directing impressions from the entrance was also maintained precisely thanks to the glazing of the living area and the possibility of fully folding the windows

The solution simultaneously allows passive ventilation of the house by opening both windows on hot days, as well as wind control in the open living room by closing the side from which the wind is blowing. Thanks to the shape of the plot and the tight surroundings of the trees, the wind can only blow from two sides, allowing you to close the corresponding wall and enjoy the open terrace of the windless direction, the authors of the project describe

The summer house can also serve investors in winter thanks to its insulation and heating. In the central part, there is a fireplace surrounded by a thick reinforced concrete accumulation wall, which plays the role of reheating the living area and the bedroom zone in winter

During the winter season, the fireplace heats up the accumulation wall without any problem, and this wall, thanks to its phase shift, gives off heat slowly over a long period of time, the architects explain

The minimalist house is covered with a black wooden façade. The interior is distinguished by warm colours and textures. Combined with the open-plan living area, it is reminiscent of sitting together in a thatched cottage. This impression is also enhanced by the rustic finishes and accents. A common element of both the interiors and the facade is the already mentioned tan black planking. While inside, with the windows open, we perceive parts of the façade as part of the interiors, the use of dark board in the interior finish enhances the visual effect of the living room and the two terraces blending together

Architects: miks.tura architekci

Interior Architects: Atmosferic

Photographer: Maja Bulkowska

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