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Lighting for beautiful interiors. Catalogue for architects

The work of an architect is a profession that combines many skills. In addition to having technical knowledge, he or she must be ‘up to date’ on the products and solutions available on the market. How to respond to the client’s expectations? Which product to propose? Many manufacturers make this possible by organising trips to factories, participation in trade fairs and closed training courses. But what if knowledge and information are needed ‘here and now’? The Polish lighting manufacturer, the AQForm brand, regularly publishes a catalogue for architects every two years, which provides real support for the daily work of professionals. It is not, however, a typical product catalogue…

Catalogues allow companies to present their products in an attractive way. They make it easy for customers to see the full range of products available and make a choice. AQForm decided to go one step further – creating a catalogue that not only presents the luminaire models, but also how they look in actual realisations. One of the key aims of this edition is – for professionals to find not only the brand’s full range of products in one place, but also knowledge and inspiration!


For years, the manufacturer has focused on lighting education. Onsite training courses, showroom visits and, last but not least, the ever-popular AQForm Academy educational platform (we remind you that you can join for free: And this educational strand could not be missing from the next edition of the AQForm catalogue for 2024-2025. It is here that architects and designers will find guidance on the selection of luminaires for a function or space, as well as seeing virtually all the lighting possibilities from the company’s offer in one place on more than 520 pages.


The great value of this catalogue is the photographs of realisations illuminated by AQForm luminaires. We can find as many as 260 inspiring interiors! This gives the best picture of how the luminaires look in various spaces – private, office, restaurant, shop or medical. What’s more, the designers of the catalogue made sure that the photos present as broadly as possible the range of luminaires in different styles or space purposes. Thanks to this, the AQForm Catalogue 2024-2025 can at times be perceived as a LookBook, but this only gives a huge amount of inspiration when choosing luminaires.


The new catalogue also means new luminaires. In this aspect, AQForm designers will definitely surprise more than once. There will be even more decorative luminaires with parameters typical of architectural lighting, as well as new versions of already well-known models such as PUTT or PET. All these products are created or further developed in line with the idea to which the AQForm brand has been faithful for years – “Light. Forms. Life”.

Two-year edition and availability

Due to its volume, the AQForm 2024-2025 catalogue is being published every two years, so that it can not only please the eye of professionals for longer, but is also AQForm’s response to a conscious approach to caring for the environment. Most of the products are already packaged in an eco-friendly way, which means that foil, among other things, has been abandoned. The catalogue itself, in fact its cover, is made of 100% recycled paperboard. Dyed in the mass, with a natural, rough surface.

The catalogue will be available by contacting the region manager in advance (contact list:, and will also be available online from 13.03.2024 on HERE and on the manufacturer’s website.

source: AQForm

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