Like a barn with a glass roof. Unusual office building in the Czech Republic

Kloboucká Lesní is a company that deals with wood processing. Its new premises were to bear witness to its business profile. The task of designing the building was entrusted to Mjölk architects, who proposed a simple form. The barn with a glass roof was built in the Brumov-Bylnice area.

The new company headquarters is intended to emphasise the advantages of building with wood as a renewable raw material. At the same time, its interior was intended to be versatile and easily adaptable. As a result, in addition to everyday office work, the building can also be used for formal meetings and cultural events. In designing the headquarters, the architects opted for an environmentally friendly approach, simplicity and austerity. This ensured that the building blends in well with its natural surroundings of greenery and water. What is more, the elegant edifice was positioned in such a way as to obscure the industrial part of the plant, thus improving the view of the nearby nature.

The office building was constructed using locally available timber. Its roof is covered with solar panels, which generate enough energy to power the entire facility. The surplus is diverted to meet the production needs of the industrial part. The roof also allows rainwater to be collected. The water runs off into above-ground reservoirs that cool the building in summer.

The traditional shape has been given a modern interior. The architects wanted to ensure the wellbeing of the employees, which is why the individual rooms are cosy despite their austere form. This effect was achieved through the ubiquitous use of wood and natural textile elements.

In designing the building, the studio opted for architectural honesty. Inside, you can see the materials used, their unevenness. This also applies to the concrete, which appears on the ceiling. The top floor was designed for lectures and corporate events.

The building is a finalist for the Czech Architecture Prize 2023.

design: Mjölk architekti

photos: BoysPlayNice,

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