Długie Ogrody

Long Gardens in Gdansk greener. The neighbourhood will undergo a revolution

Major changes are to take place in the area of Długie Ogrody Street, Żuławska Gate and the flyover on Elblaska Street. Public consultations and a transport analysis are the first steps towards improvement. At a press conference, Mayor Aleksandra Dulkiewicz presented plans for changes in this part of Gdańsk

One of the aims of the Development Programmes is to transform the area of Długie Ogrody Street and the junction of Elblaska Street into an attractive place, a ‘gateway to the city’ from the east

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Długie Ogrody

– Długie Ogrody Street closes with Żuławska Gate. Today, it is a monument that is not really visible. We want to expose it. Of course, in order to do this, we need to remove the flyover leading from Elblaska Street to Podwale Przedmiejskie after the entire junction has been rebuilt,’ announced Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, Mayor of Gdańsk. – These are the next steps we are going to take, but in order to do this we need, above all, public consultations, meetings with stakeholders and urban planning consultations. Then design and implementation. This is a project calculated over several years,” said the Mayor

Cultural and exhibition functions are being considered for Long Gardens Street. The plot is located in the immediate vicinity of the Żuławy Gate, which, in the event of a cultural investment, would also allow for better use and revalorisation of this monument. The location of cultural activities in this space is city- and culture-forming. Before the destruction of the city in 1945, cultural activities, among other things, were carried out at Dlugie Ogrody

Długie Ogrody at present and as visualised. Photo: gdansk.pl and Google Earth

Piotr Grzelak, deputy mayor of Gdańsk, emphasises that a revolution is being prepared for the public space of the city centre. Everything is being done on the basis of social consultations of development programmes and specific funds. Until 2029, it has been possible to secure around 70 million zloty for this purpose. The area to be transformed will first be consulted with residents and stakeholders. A transport analysis will also be carried out to show how the new intersection should be designed after the flyover is demolished
The plan for the development and revitalisation of the Długie Ogrody area will be carried out taking into account the opinions and needs of residents and taking care to preserve the city’s cultural heritage

Source: gdansk.pl

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