Makrum factory in Bydgoszcz. This is how the giant plant disappeared

The author of the report on the demolition of Makrum in Bydgoszcz is Marianna Roszatycka, an architect and photographer. She has published her photographic reportage on, which is famous for running photo projects 365. Her project, which she has been running continuously since January 2016, includes nearly 200 photographs of the site that she has taken over the past seven years

The story of Macrum is the tale of every 19th-century industrial enterprise – through the work of hands and steam, flourishing from a small workshop in the inner city, growing out of it and out of the next in the urban space. Including the areas it had shaped since 1902: The twentieth-century outskirts of Bydgoszcz, today being the Forest Estate, which initially functioned as an inter-war villa district and, after the Second World War, became the Bydgoszcz embodiment of a workers’ housing estate

In 2015, Makrum’s manufacturing operations were relocated to the Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park, and the site’s more than 100-year-old fabric began to be demolished in autumn 2019, eventually giving way to a 10-hectare residential, office and service development under construction here

The project First the People Disappeared, Then the Machines consists of digital and analogue photographs from 2016-2023, mainly those taken during the demolition, which lasted more than six months. After months of daily, uninterrupted observations, camera walks and documenting the demolition and progressive degradation of the structure, a story of change has emerged

It is a story about a monumental structure excluded from the city, inaccessible to the casual visitor, a carved-out fragment of a housing estate, emanating with night lights and the echo of welding machines. About a factory whose walls are finally opening up

Moving heavy industry out of city centres and returning their areas to residents is needed, even in the form of a transformation to merge the space. The question remains: are the two presses left behind by Makrum sufficient confirmation of the genius loci?

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text: Magda Korzewska, Marianna Roszatycka

photos: Marianna Roszatycka

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