Melt museum in Warsaw has opened. It is a centre for immersive art

It is the first immersive art centre in Poland and in this part of Europe. At the melt museum, the boundary between the real and virtual worlds is blurred and visitors will be able to experience interaction with digital art through multimedia exhibitions

This is no ordinary museum! In the heart of the capital, at 2a Powstańców Warszawy Square, the melt museum – the only space in Poland offering interactive, fully immersive experiences – has been created. What makes it different? Instead of exhibits in showcases and paintings on the walls, visitors will find over a dozen rooms filled with new technologies, thanks to which they can immerse themselves in a virtual world that stimulates all the senses and experience unprecedented emotions! The first permanent exhibition Artificial Dreams by Kamila Staszczyszyn and Kuba Matyka – founders of the melt museum and creators of the entire concept and multisensory experience – is devoted to the relationship between man and artificial intelligence, which balances between techno utopia and a cyberpunk vision of the world. There are 14 multisensory, original installations on three floors totalling more than 600 square metres. Each has been designed to encourage visitors to interact and make them not only forget reality for a moment, but also allow the omnipresent artificial intelligence to move into the me(l)taversum. For in the melt museum , AI is like a shadow – always close by and tempting with attractions

And there is no shortage of them! With SIMULATION, you can immerse yourself in a virtual ocean of tens of thousands of fish replicants. Advanced sensors record every movement, which directly influences the behaviour of the digital shoal. THE GRID will treat visitors to an intergalactic journey full of lights and sounds. INFINITY WELL, on the other hand, a well of infinity that you can enter and step on a bottomless glass sheet, will be a real test of courage. The power of the experience is further enhanced by the spatial soundtrack, for which the acclaimed composer and music producer Wojciech Urbanski is responsible

Kamila Staszczyszyn and Kuba Matyka emphasise that they wanted to create an immersive Disneyland for all people, regardless of age. They designed the space in such a way that a visit to the melt museum would not only be an ideal idea for a date, an outing with friends and spending free time with the whole family, but also an alternative to other, well-known forms of entertainment

Artificial Dreams is a journey beyond the boundaries of reality into a world where science fiction effects are at your fingertips. We have tried to ensure that every step allows our visitors to immerse themselves in electrifying landscapes of the future, drawing them into an interactive symphony of light, image and sound. This is more than an exhibition! It’s a portal through which we can touch tomorrow and see what the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence might look like,” says Experience Director melt museum Kuba Matyka

Our work is all about experiences and we encourage visitors to melt museum to do the same . It is worth interacting with the installations that react to movement, ‘ immersing yourselfin immersive play, and only then taking out your smartphone and sharing the experience with others,” adds Creative Director Kamila Staszczyszyn

melt museum is open from Tuesday to Friday from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. and at weekends from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tickets for the exhibition can be purchased online at or on site. Until 19 November 2023, visitors can purchase tickets at a 20 per cent discount under Early Access. Currently, after the discount, the price of a regular ticket is £60 and a concessionary ticket is £50

Melt Immersive – award-winning studio, founded by a duo of creatives: Kamila Staszczyszyn and Kuba Matyka, awarded in the NewEurope100 ranking of the most innovative creatives in Central and Eastern Europe by the Financial Times. Their artistic projects, including the immersive exhibition Moments at Atelier Des Lumières in Paris or Turbulence at the Ars Electronica Festival in Austria, have received international recognition. To their credit, Kamila Staszczyszyn and Kuba Matyka have collaborated with Polish artists: the band PRO8L3M, Hania Rani, Dawid Podsiadło and Sokoł. They have also created music videos for global stars: Empire Of The Sun, PNAU, Bebe Rexha and Troye Sivan

NVIDIA is a technology partner of the exhibition

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