Metamorfoza budynku handlowego w Gnieźnie

Metamorphosis of a commercial building in Gniezno. A small big change!

The metamorphosis of a commercial building in Gniezno was carried out by architects from the SAAN Architekci studio. The task facing the architects was to rebuild, refresh and modernise a shopping pavilion located near a park. The architects brilliantly combined proximity to nature with the shop’s product range, which focuses on the sale of wood and wood-like products. In our opinion, a five-plus change!

The façade design of the Akan commercial building was primarily intended to fit into the context of its surroundings, which are at the interface between the green urban park and the railway area. The building itself belongs to the urban layout of the railway buildings. The wood-like product used on the façade on the one hand brings the building closer to the park, makes the industrial space warmer and invites people to enter. In addition, the wood used on the façade refers to the wide range of wood and wood-like finishing products that Akan offers for sale

“We were honoured to be invited to collaborate on the façade project for the Akan retail building. Primarily because the site works with many Architects because of the products it sells and because one of the founders of SAAN comes from Gniezno, where the building is located.” – explain the architects

The faint and faded green of the façade has been replaced by a muted grey with insets of black. The chaos of the logos has been sorted out to create a harmonious whole

The timeless colour scheme of the façade based on shades of grey, black and wood conveys the very elegant character of the building, which becomes a complement to the urban space that is being built up by the newly renovated railway station, the municipal office and the nearby townhouses

“We believe in the durability and quality of the materials, so maintenance aspects were important during the decision: the vicinity of the railway tracks and the road. Fruitful cooperation with the Investor, who took care of the smallest details such as landscaping and paving, resulted in the city of Gniezno being enriched with beautiful architecture in a modernist character.” – conclude the architects from the SAAN Architekci studio

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