Modern barn with Moroccan accents near Glogow.

A modern barn with Moroccan touches sounds original, but as it turns out, the two styles go well together. The juxtaposition of a style referring to so-called modern barns, industrial style and elements taken from Moroccan culture turned out to be a great combination. As a result, architect Bartłomiej Zabój of THEZA Architekci studio, created an unusual, eclectic house that meets the needs of the owners.

The investors asked the architect to design a new home that would respond to the needs of their growing family. The aim was to create a completely new building that would fit in with the local farm architecture, but at the same time allow for separation from the access road and the agricultural facilities that make up the owners’ farm

The limitless open space and the exposure to weather conditions such as strong winds and sun meant that the body of the building had to be designed slightly differently from traditional barns. To this end, a stacked volume was created that is, as it were, made up of many cubes, overlapping each other, creating an irregular, cascading volume that not only allows for the creation of intimate rooms and alcoves within the volume, but also helps to reduce the impact of the forces of nature

Another requirement of the owners was for the living room with kitchenette and atrium to become a key place for the activity of the entire house. The glazed main entrance is located in the covered part of the north-west corner and leads directly to the multifunctional living space, opening up to the boundless horizon line. This spatial part of the house is open and accessible independently from all sides of the house. Characterised by a raised ceiling and high glazing, this space is the focal point of the house, which connects the interior to the garden

The ground floor of the building is additionally equipped with a part of the background in the form of a garage with a small workshop corner, utility rooms, technical rooms or sluice rooms between the technical and residential zones. The first floor of the building is exclusively a private area divided into the parents’ bedroom area and the children’s zone. Each of these zones has access to small terraces allowing direct contact with the arranged greenery

The designed finishing materials such as concrete, glass, titanium-zinc sheet, aluminium, brick and wood provide the building with durability and timelessness. The building will incorporate comprehensive energy production, recovery and conservation systems allowing for low cost and simplicity of use

Project Metrics:
: Modern barn with Moroccan accents near Głogów.

: Głogów poviat
Authors: arch. Bartłomiej Zabój
Area: 400 m2
Project: 2021-23

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