Moments. A new restaurant by the planty on the Soła River in Oświęcim!

Momenty is a family restaurant born out of a passion for delicious breakfasts and light, nutritious meals – for greater and lesser hunger. It is located in one of the most beautiful places in Oświęcim, right by the planty on the Soła River, where you can take a nice walk surrounded by nature

– We believe that beautiful and well-kept interiors have an impact on your mood and well-being. We want our guests to spend a pleasant time here, in a comfortable environment – both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. I am delighted that we managed to take care of every detail of Moments’ décor, from the work on the projection to the selection of decorations,” says Eliza Ziemińska-Żak of the Nasze Nowe studio, responsible for the restaurant’s design

The interior design involved using and exposing the existing reinforced concrete walls and ceilings. The austerity of this material was broken with numerous ceramic accents, which are a nod to the mosaics of the 1960s present in the city. The colour scheme of the interior also refers to the era of half a century ago. The ashen, cement base is complemented by oranges, blues and greens. All this is complemented by oak veneer, brass details and the multicoloured marble terazzo present on the table tops and behind the bar. The walls are adorned with characteristic posters by Jakub Zasada and Aneta Popławska (“Plakatowisko”)

– The biggest challenge was to use the space of the premises in such a way as to accommodate all the necessary functions – including an open kitchen – while at the same time allowing for possible changes and transformations as the concept of the whole place developed. I was present at every stage of Moments’ creation, from choosing the name to composing the menu. I have great gratitude to the Investors for allowing me to participate in the entire process,” adds the designer

The support of the Nasze Nowe studio also included the preparation of the logo design and graphic materials of Moments. The whole concept was based on fonts and graphics digitised as part of the “Afiszuj się!” project, whose task was to revive the tradition of Polish interwar advertising

– For years, we have dreamt of creating a place like the ones we know from our travels: charming and intimate pubs where it is good to start the day and the available menu is not as obliging as a classic dinner. You can come to us and satisfy both smaller and larger hunger with wine, which we specially import from friendly Austrian winemakers,” say Dorota and Jacek, owners of Moments

The menu is composed of ingredients from local suppliers and is based on light dishes served throughout the day: from omelettes, dry croissants and bagels, to a classic English breakfast, shakshuka and other delicacies

– Cakes, tarts and buns are baked on site daily in the open kitchen, in front of guests’ eyes, and seasonally selected produce ensures variety and freshness in every dish. We have delicious desserts in goblets and are now also introducing croissants with crème pâtissière. Simply delicious! – assures Katarzyna Mucha, restaurant manager

Moments is located in a newly constructed building designed by the Susuł & Strama Architekci studio, which filled the frontage left by the famous Jakob Haberfeld building, which housed a vodka and liqueur factory before the war. In the immediate vicinity is the Old Town Square and Castle Hill. The Boulevards on the Soła River are an ideal place for walks and a moment’s rest surrounded by greenery. The site is adapted to accommodate people with disabilities

Project metrics:
Title: Moments. A new restaurant by the planty on the banks of the Soła River in Oświęcim!
Premises: Momenty Cafe /
Area: 80 sqm
Year: 2023
Project: Eliza Ziemińska-Żak, Nasze Nowe /
Collaboration: Julia Łaniak
Photography: Marta Behling, PionPoziom /

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