Motocompacto by Honda. Here is the Motocompacto vehicle

It looks a little strange. Honda has unveiled the Motocompacto electric vehicle as an answer to urban traffic jams.The minimalist vehicle is like a combination of a scooter and an electric scooter

Honda designers working on the look of the new vehicle were inspired by the iconic MotoCompo scooter, which was popular in the 1980s. The vehicle, designed 40 years later, also resembles a ‘suitcase’ with wheels, seat and handlebars protruding from it

It is not, however, a lightweight ‘suitcase’. The Honda Motocompacto weighs 19 kg. The manufacturer assures that the maximum speed is 25 km/h. The white case houses a 490 W motor and the batteries will allow 20 km on a single charge. A plus point is the charging time. Using a 110V socket, the battery can be filled in three and a half hours

The specification is similar to electric scooters. The price is also similar. The manufacturer has estimated it at $995, which means an expenditure of around £4,500

The highlight of the vehicle is the saddle, which is supposed to make travelling more pleasant. Honda’s in-house designers covered the saddle with artificial leather in a light brown colour. A similar material can be found in the steering wheel in the palm area. The whole thing has a minimalist, slightly futuristic design

As Honda announces, the Motocompacto electric vehicle is intended to help the company achieve zero emissions by 2030 and raise public awareness to leave the car in the garage more often and choose smaller vehicles to run their errands

source: press materials

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