Mural ‘Send a postcard to Grandma and Grandpa’ in Bialystok

Its first version appeared in Bialystok in 2019. Now the ‘Send a postcard to Grandma and Grandpa’ mural can be seen in a slightly altered version, the message has been enlarged to include ‘Grandpa’, to whom you should also send greetings

The mural appeared on the wall of the building at 14 Skłodowska-Curie Street and was officially unveiled on Monday 31 July. The mural was created by the same artists as the original 2019 version, and the whole thing was painted in seven days. The Good Looking Studio team is responsible for creating the mural. The painting was done by seven people using 120 litres of paint

A novelty is the aforementioned word “and Grandpa” and the change of “to Babi” to “for Grandma” – this is a reference to Podlasie regionalism. The heroine of the work does not change. She is Mrs Eugenia, grandmother of radio journalist Andrzej Bajguz, who died in April 2022. The mural recalls the message to maintain relationships with loved ones

Today, the ‘Send a postcard to Grandma and Grandpa’ mural is considered one of Bialystok’s landmarks. Its first version was created as part of the promotion of the Up To Date festival. In 2021, due to the thermo-modernisation of the building, it was covered up and then disappeared. Fortunately, the artwork was able to be recreated

In 2020, the mural won the KTR Advertising Creators Club Award. – We received a bronze sword. Seemingly modest, but when you consider the fact that we were up against giants such as Zalando, Ikea and Lego, and the fact that, looking at it realistically, we were embracing the fest on a daily basis, not an agency or production house, and were actually ‘competing’ with creatives with multi-zero budgets, back-office specialists and huge experience, it’s really a lot and it’s very nice. We have always been cultural scribblers trying things out in marketing, and we created this campaign ourselves, a bit on the fritz and above all from the heart. Of course, we have invited exceptional people to work together, and we are also trusted by our long-standing partners. To all those who have supported us in our activities for Grandmothers and Grandfathers, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This is our great little victory together. – wrote the creators of the Up To Date Festival on Facebook at the time

photo by Korsan Studio on behalf of Good Looking Studio

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