New life for an old 1970s house in Katowice. The effect is impressive

Its area is 225 sq m. The 1970s terraced house is located in Katowice. The spirit of modernity was given to it by a recent remodelling, which was carried out according to a design by Grzegorz Layer in the author’s collaboration with Judyta Gandor and Aleksander Krajewski.

The project shows how much potential there is in communist-era construction. The terraced house was extensively renovated. The residents gained a new staircase, a lowered ground floor and a sense of space. The latter was achieved by removing all internal walls. The windows are also larger and the roof has been raised. Aleksander Krajewski was responsible for the architectural part of the remodelling. As a result, the house has been given an open plan that can be freely arranged, arranging all functions accordingly.

The interior gained a clear layout. On the ground floor, a living area was created consisting of a hallway, dining room, living room and kitchen with a bar table. Only the pantry and the bathroom were separated, which were hidden in the central core, accentuated with a light green colour. A spacious, well-lit staircase now provides convenient access to the first floor and to the roof, where a terrace has been created.

The private area has been arranged on the first floor. Bedrooms, bathrooms and a study were created there. The ground floor and first floor spaces flow freely thanks to the openings left and the skylight between them.

The design was based on the timeless aesthetics of 1970s Polish Modernism. Simple, large built-in “furniture” units organise the space and emphasise its geometry. The wood finish, with its corrugated elements, warms up the interiors while alluding to the once popular panelling. The light concrete floor provides a neutral background for the more expressive furniture and accessories. Theexposed elements of the new structural system – steel columns and beams – subtly separate the individual zones of the ground floor visually,” describes the designer.

Finally, there is the lighting. Two solutions were used here: geometrically arranged, neutral technical luminaires and more decorative lamps which distinguish the more important areas, in a style reminiscent of the period of the building’s construction.


About the studio:

Grzegorz Layer Architekt is a design studio based in Katowice, Poland. Its founder specialises in the design of single-family buildings, interiors and public spaces. The architect’s versatility is evidenced by his numerous projects, which are characterised by a unique style. Grzegorz Layer is also experienced in designing scenography. It is his proposed layout that has been admired by audiences of performances at the Wybrzeże Theatre in Gdańsk and the Schauspiel Frankfurt theatre. More of the architect’s projects can be found on our website by clicking HERE.

design: Grzegorz Layer

author collaboration: Judyta Gandor and Aleksander Krajewski

photography: Grzegorz Layer

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