New mural in Poznań. It features characters from Jeżycjady

A mural has appeared on the wall of a building on Słowackiego Street in Poznań. It depicts the Borejki from Jeżycjada, characters created by Małgorzata Musierowicz

Jeżycjada is a series of novels written by Małgorzata Musierowicz. The name was taken from the Poznan district of Jeżyce. It is on the wall of a tenement in this district that a new mural has appeared

Jeżycjada is an integral part of Poznań. I am glad that one of the symbols of our city has gained its own mural. Thanks to this, future generations will have a chance to get to know the story of the Borejka family and “visit” Poznań together with the characters from the books. And those who know their story from childhood will have the opportunity for a sentimental return to the past,” says Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of Poznań

The author of the mural is Radosław Barek and MURALL Studio. The colourful painting can be seen on the wall of a tenement house at 62 Słowackiego St. The mural recalls the adventures of the Borejka family. The so-called zerowa part of Jeżycjada (‘The Little One and the Family’) was published in 1975, and the entire series of novels gained immense popularity and still has its fans today. The mural was also created to promote the digital version of the novel series, which was created thanks to the publishing house Legimi

Invited to collaborate by the indigenous Poznan-based, friendly Legimi team, I decided to do it straight away. Jeżycjada in this new format has a chance to win many brand new readers, and to provide those already won with new experiences. I must also add that the idea of creating a Jeżycjad mural in the heart of old Jeżyce is charming and graceful. And the fact that its author has agreed to be the creator of some of the most beautiful works in the genre delights me like an unexpected gift,’ explains Małgorzata Musierowicz, author of Jeżycjada

The project was made possible thanks to the cooperation of the Legimi digital library with Poznan. The company, whose head office is located in the capital of Wielkopolska, is a sponsor of both the project and its realisation, while the City provided the space necessary to realise the undertaking

The artistic concept of the mural, depicting not only the Borejko family, but also a tenement house at 5 Roosevelta street, well known to Poznań residents, is based on illustrations created by Małgorzata Musierowicz, adapted for the needs of urban large-format art

The authors of the mural – Radosław Barek and MURALL Studio – designed the work using spatial illusion. Viewing the mural from street level, one can get the impression that the house of the protagonists is right next door

The painting style of the mural, which I used, combines the feeling of the reality of architectural forms with a touch of fairytale. The buildings are therefore not a photorealistic copy, but a composition adapted to the surroundings. The whole, usually seen from a wide angle from Słowackiego Street and the school yard, constitutes a new, this time painterly, story about Jeżyce, ” adds Radosław Barek

The official unveiling of the mural will take place at the turn of August and September

source: Municipality of Poznań(

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