New products in the PORTA DRZWI offer. See the product catalogue for 2024

Internal doors have a major impact on the aesthetics and character of the four corners of the home. Therefore, the style of the interior should be taken into account when choosing the right door leaf model. In the PORTA catalogue for 2024, you will find many novelties that meet your various requirements and needs. You can find out more about them in the article below.

Fashionable interior doors 2024 – how do you choose them?

Choosing interior doors is an important decision that affects the comfort, safety and aesthetics of your home or flat. How do you choose them so that they enjoy their appearance and design for years to come? First and foremost:

  • pay attention to the material and finish of the door – you can choose between door leaves with honeycomb filling, chipboard or MDF; they are finished with natural or artificial veneer.
  • match doors to the style and colours of your interior – in rustic interiors it is worth choosing richly ornamented forms with additional milling, while in minimalist interiors – simple door leaves, e.g. with silver inlays.
  • check the dimensions and the direction of door opening – they should be matched to the opening in the wall and the way the room is used.

Doors contribute to the character of the living space, but they also provide a great deal of privacy. Regardless of whether you are looking for door leaves for the bathroom or the bedroom, when browsing the offer, be sure to take a look at the new PORTA DRZWI catalogue for 2024. You will find both classic doors and models with a modern design. Check:

Doors from the PORTA LINE collection in the new colour Platinum Grey Matt

New products from PORTA – designer interior doors for your home or flat

Are you looking for room doors that will fit in with the architectural style of the interiors you live in? Here are some novelties from PORTA that are sure to add some character to the rooms and emphasise the accessories used:

  • Interior doors in trendy matt colours in the new UNI Colours colour palette

Do you like simplicity, naturalness and subdued colours in a stylish design that emphasises the elegant character of a space? Check out the proposals for interior doors in the new colour palette in modern or classic versions. Solid and glazed doors from the PORTA BALANCE, PORTA HARMONY and 4 LIVES P/ AIR collections, well known to a wide range of PORTA brand customers, have been enriched with new colour variants in subtle, uniform colours with a matt finish. Delicate Grey, ephemeral Fjord and harmonious Olive – these are proposals that perfectly turn up the sophisticated character of these doors. The leaves in such colours will work well in classic, vintage or rustic interiors, and in combination with the natural accessories used to arrange the space, they will create an exceptional whole.

Interior doors from the PORTA UNI COLOUR MODERN collection

We have prepared the PORTA UNI KOLOR MODERN collection for those who prefer modern solutions, also elegant and original. These are solid doors, models with decorative inlays in various geometric patterns and proposals with narrow glazing along the whole length of the leaf, all in matt shades. The veneers in the Matt series are perfectly smooth, matt and have an antifinger coating so that no fingerprints can be seen. A real advantage in everyday door use! In this veneer collection you will find the colours Grey Platinum Matt, Graphite Matt and Cashmere Matt. In addition, you can also order one of our favourite and most popular concealed door models – PORTA HIDE.

  • PORTA HIDE hidden doors in new versions

As we have already mentioned, in the new PORTA product catalogue for 2024 you will find the popular and well-liked PORTA HIDE concealed doors in matt veneer colours Grey Platinum Matt, Graphite Matt and Cashmere Matt. But that’s not all! Among the new veneer shades, there is also a woodgrain variant in Lorenzo Oak, as well as concealed wings in a version with modern glazing. The narrow glass along the entire length of the leaf allows a bit of sunlight into the interior and provides new design possibilities. Invariably, you can also opt for PORTA HIDE doors coated with white primer varnish for self-finishing. What does such an option offer? Almost unlimited room for imagination! You can paint the leaves in any colour you like or cover them with wallpaper in the same pattern and shade as the wall or opt for decorative stucco. Personalise your interior to your heart’s content and enjoy a unique design for your home or flat.

PORTA HIDE doors in the new colour Lorenzo Oak
  • New models and new milling patterns in the NATURA VECTOR collection

Doors in natural veneer never go out of fashion. They are a tried and tested and reliable choice for those who opt for classic solutions with an elegant and timeless character. In the PORTA catalogue for 2024, there is no shortage of new products, which will certainly appeal to lovers of traditional arrangements and stylish interiors with a soul. The sashes covered with natural veneer from the NATURA VECTOR collection are now available in new milling variants. K and L models are interesting versions of the French “herringbone” pattern, based on proportional grooves consisting of diagonal lines touching each other with their vertices, distributed along the entire length of the leaf.

In the NATURA VECTOR model K wings, the grooves are arranged in the same configuration, but rotated by 90 degrees. In this way, the lines are arranged in a herringbone pattern in relation to the width of the door. The L model, on the other hand, presents itself in an even more interesting way, where the grooves are arranged in a rhombus shape. The W, F and G models are the other three newcomers, distinguished by a geometric milling pattern that, especially in the G model, adds an original and more modern touch to a classic door. Doors from this collection can be found in three shades – White Oak and Winchester Oak with a warm shade (wings covered with Natural Oak Satin veneer) and in the cooler shade of Oak 1 (covered with Natural Oak veneer). All models have two milling options – narrow or wide – and a clearly visible oak structure.

  • 4 LIVES collection designed by designers

In the new catalogue for 2024, the 4 LIFE collection has made itself at home. It has been designed with customers’ needs, comfort and the perfect fit of key elements and details in mind. Each of its four iterations is a convenient solution so you can have it all. From the carefully selected range of colours, to the matching frame, to the perfectly matched handle and other hardware. 4 LIVES from PORTA is a collection inspired by nature, its diversity. It combines natural beauty with functionality and materials of the highest quality.

PORTA doors from the 4 LIVES P/ AIR collection in the colour Fiord
  • For those who value harmony, peace and balance, we have doors covered in natural oak matt veneer and finished with ecological matt water varnish, so that the texture of the wood is exposed in all its glory. These are the doors from the 4 LIVES Z/ EARTH collection. They are a perfect addition to interiors reminiscent of boho and japanese style, decorated in the spirit of minimalism, but also modern spaces where there is room for subdued solutions.
  • 4 LIVES P/ AIR is a proposal for those seeking lightness, who value freedom and space. The AIR model takes a new look at a classic, referring to the enduring vintage trend. It stands out for its subtle colours, softness and matt finish.
  • Modern and industrial spaces will gain a stimulating accent in the form of the FIRE interior door. This version of the 4 FIRE collection combines the untamed, the fascinating and the wild with an element of security and stability. The FIRE door is a perfectly balanced composition consisting of a leaf in the atmosphere of burnt, smoky wood and the coolness of metal, expressed in the black steel frame and hardware.
  • Water is a symbol of life, renewal and purification. Its simplicity, as well as its life-giving power, is reflected in the proposal of the white 4 LIVES W/ WATER door, which will perfectly complement natural domestic interiors. The combination of white, smooth sheet and geometric structure, which is an excellent alternative to classic white wings, will brighten and optically enlarge the space.

The new door collections from the PORTA 2024 catalogue are ideal proposals for anyone looking for high-quality interior door sashes. Therefore, do not wait any longer – check what new products have appeared in the PORTA DRZWI manufacturer’s offer and bet on designer models that will emphasise the appearance of the interiors you live in.

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