Steel Wave

Objects for thought. A curatorial selection of on*arte and whiteMAD art

We believe that architecture is art, which is why whiteMAD has teamed up with on*arte, a platform for the sale and promotion of art and design, to produce a curated collection of painting, sculpture and design inspired by space. These are objects that influence their immediate surroundings and highlight the architecture.

Art works in a specific space, interacts with it, provokes perception and the senses.

I like to think of images as being used: images are used to stimulate the imagination, to talk, to think differently about what seems familiar,’ says Mateusz Piestrak.

Central to the artist’s creative process is the studio, which acts as a laboratory for the mind. This is where objects and ideas meet and trigger impulses to search for new images – first in the imagination, then on canvas.

The visit to Matthew’s studio was the first in a series of conversations with artists for the on*arte platform. ‘The space of the studio, full of intriguing objects, scraps of matter and life that return in his paintings like afterimages of memories, opened me up to thinking about art in the context of its relationship with space,’ says exhibition curator Agata Kiedrowicz.

The work of art has its own dynamics, it introduces meanings into space, changes its perception and sometimes its function. The impulse from Piestrak ‘s studio returns today in the form of the exhibition ‘Objects to Think About’. The selected works talk about the relationship between art and architecture from different perspectives. The paintings of Jakub Malinowski and the experimental reliefs of Klaudia Malczyk reflect on postmodern architecture and the urban landscape. Agnieszka Wielewska perfectly operates with chiaroscuro, with painterly tenderness telling the story of what reaches her eyes and senses. Marta Sucherska ‘s and Karolina Amissah-Pszczółkowska’s / Steel Wave objects play a similar role, regardless of the context of use – they introduce a strong spot of colour into the interior and invite interaction. Tamara Berdowska ‘s spatial sculptures draw the viewer into a game with perception, seducing the eye and the senses.

“Thinking objects” manifest themselves in a variety of ways – they can be beautiful, reflective, utilitarian. They are props of everyday life, companions of life. They crave attention, but generously repay it.

Artists: Karolina Amissah-Pszczółkowska / Steel Wave, Tamara Berdowska, Maja Gajewska, Joanna Gierwielaniec, Katarzyna Gołębiewska, Dominik Janyszek, Klaudia Malczyk, Jakub Malinowski,
Mateusz Piestrak, Marta Sucherska, Agnieszka Wielewska.

Curator: Agata Kiedrowicz

A set of unique objects can be found HERE.

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on*arte – a modern platform for the sale and promotion of art and design. Our mission is to democratise the art market, on a transparent basis. We create curated art and design collections – art:DROPs – through which you can discover gems from young male and female artists.

Agata Kiedrowicz – curator and critic of art and design, educator and lecturer, associated with the Academy of Art in Szczecin and the School of Form at SWPS University. She has been publishing texts on design, art and fashion in the trade press for a decade. She works interdisciplinarily, at the interface of art, science and business. She is particularly interested in design for the senses and design and art as tools for exploring and critiquing reality. Speaker at prestigious conferences (including TEDx “Senses”), curator of art and design exhibitions shown in Poland and abroad.

source: on*arte, whiteMAD materials

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