Palm Studio. Pilates with a hint of Mexico

Palm Studiois a placethat invites you to discover newaspects of your own body and mind, focusing on a holistic approach to health and fitness. Located in Warsaw’s Mokotów district, the boutique workout studio offers a variety of Pilates classes led bymembers of theHealthy Team by Anna Lewandowska , among others.In addition to its perfectly tailored range ofclasses, its success is also due to its relaxed atmosphere, conducive to regeneration and self-development. Theinterior design was entrusted to the Madama studio,which, inspired by the travel passions of the studio’s owners and the style seen in Tulum, Mexico, created an organic space conducive to training sessions.

A maximum sense of comfort, calm and tranquillity

Madama’s realisations leave no one indifferent. This time, the studio takes us on an exotic journey towards health, immersed in an atmosphere of tranquillity and elegance. Those using the studio’s services are transported to the sensual landscapes of rustic Mexico and the exotic desert as soon as they enter the reception area. Carefully chosen details create an atmosphere in the Palm Studio that supports the practice of Pilates, seamlessly combining movement and relaxation. Pilates is ultimately not just a physical workout, but also a form of working on the mind. Focusing on breath control and working with the body with precision has tangible benefits for our mental health.

The key to achieving a balance between airy and earthy design elements and an athletic, modern room with reformers is to combine sleek lines with natural textures, colours and materials. The combination of the rounded and wavy lines of the sofas, tables and mirrors, which mimic natural forms, gives the interior an organic look. The space exudes cosiness through the use of warm, soft shades of sandy beige, flowing seamlessly into deep browns. The earthy shades surprisingly harmonise with the green accents, represented by elegant cacti and majestic palm trees. These carefully chosen elements not only allude to the studio’s name, but are also an organic decoration, bringing dynamism and refreshing exercise energy to the interior, surrounded by exotic vegetation.

Lamps like works of art

the 150-square-metre space consists of a reception area with a waiting area, changing rooms, bathrooms and a workout room. In keeping with the character of the Palm Studio, the innovative lamps proposed by Madama are true works of art. They evoke intricately crafted organic forms, but bring a modern aesthetic and functionality to the studio’s interior. Their unique design compliments the space and creates fascinating light installations, inspiring workouts both in the morning and during sunset.

“I was keen to create a spacethat would follow the expectations of Palm Studio’s unique clientele. I decided to create an inspiring space here,where holiday vibes and taking care of one’s own physical and mental wellbeing go hand in hand. With thoughtful design elements, Palm Studio inspires you to discover thebalance between strength and tranquillity. The interiors not only help to take care of physical fitness, but above all surroundclients with an atmosphere of blissful relaxation,”says Agata Frątczak of Madama.

The Palm Studio offers a full range of state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality workouts, led by experienced instructors on reformers or Refomen classes specifically for men. Clients also have the option of private sessions with an individually tailored training plan.

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