Park Cichociemnych Spadochroniarzy AK in Warsaw after revitalisation

Park Cichociemnych Spadochroniarzy AK is located in Warsaw’s Ursynów district. The green area has recently undergone revitalisation, making the park more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Residents can enjoy new alleys, cycle paths and a playground. New greenery has also appeared – 300 trees and 5,000 square metres of shrubs have been planted. The investment was supervised by our unit as part of an EU project

A city that is friendly and comfortable to live in is also a green city. Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski knows this, which is why many of his 100 projects for Warsaw are green projects. The redevelopment of Ursynów park is one of them. There are now more trees and amenities for residents there. We hope that not only people from Ursynów will soon be convinced of this, so we are already inviting everyone to a family picnic to celebrate the opening of the rebuilt park, which will take place on 19 August

The Park of Cichociemnych Spadochroniarzy AK has become accessible to various groups of residents. Cyclists and walkers will certainly be pleased with the new route which is a link to the Kabaty Forest. Many places to relax have appeared – original teardrop-shaped seats, benches made of wooden logs and the now traditional Warsaw benches. The modernised park also boasts a new gazebo and a large clearing located on the slope of the ‘Kazurka Hill’. The two gazebos and the ‘dog park’ have been relocated to the forest, popularly known as the ‘birches’. A comfortable new path leads to the “dog park”. There are also new lamp posts and litter bins in the park

Children can play on the new playground, which is located in two zones – sunny and shaded. A pre-existing outdoor gym is also available to residents

At the top of the “Kazurka Hill”, on the western side, a lookout point has been created. From there, it is possible to see the panorama of the park and use a board with a map of the site. Park users can also visit two didactic paths: a historical one, dedicated to the legendary formation of the Cichociemni, and a nature trail

Park Cichociemnych Spadochroniarzy AK – new greenery

As many as 300 trees of native species have been planted in the park. These include birches, oaks, field maples, cherry plums, common pear trees, willows and rowans. Large trees – willows or common maples – have appeared along the cycle route, among others. New shrubs have also been planted, with a total of 5,000 square metres of these plants coming in. In the park, you can now see, for example, Turkey Dew, Hawthorns, Blackberries, Currants or Arboraceae. Plantings of perennial beds have been made in the rain gardens

The residents were consulted about the changes to Cichociemnych Park

The park area covers more than 17 hectares, more than 10 of which were included in the EU-funded investment. The redevelopment of the park was preceded by a public consultation in 2018. In line with residents’ demands, the urban gardeners preserved the natural, meadow-like character of the site. All construction work was carried out with respect for local nature and the requirements for the Warsaw Protected Landscape Area, to which the park belongs. We have also left less frequently mown zones, refuges of wildlife, within its grounds

The park reconstruction project was carried out by eM4 Pracownia Architektury Brataniec /
The construction work was carried out by AG-Complex /
source: Warsaw City Hall, Warsaw Greenery Management /

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