Polish Architecture XXL 2023 plebiscite: choose the best project of the year!

Take part in the Poland Architecture XXL 2023 plebiscite and cast your vote for the best architectural realisation of the past year. The aim of the competition is to honour the most creative studios and projects of 2023 realised in Poland. This is the only plebiscite that covers all areas of design: volume, interiors and landscape. Traditionally, the winners will be selected in two ways. The public and a professional jury vote. Internet voting will continue until 8 April 2024 until the end of the day.

The Polska Architektura XXL plebiscite is the most comprehensive overview of the activities of the Polish architectural industry. As part of it, projects are selected in three areas: volume, interiors and landscape, each divided into two categories – public and private buildings. A Grand Prix award will also be given.

By making use of the possibilities offered by the Internet, the plebiscite aims to reflect the state of Polish architecture and the changes taking place on the Polish design scene. At the same time, the plebiscite does not focus only on the best-known studios, but also allows less well-known, ambitious offices from smaller centres or those that want to set new trends and paths for Polish architecture with their interesting achievements. In this sense, it is also an excellent platform for promoting ambitious new design studios.

Select the best architectural realisation 2023

In this year’s plebiscite, 74 candidates are vying for votes. Their presentations, collected in special plebiscite forms, can be found in boxes on the main pages of the vortals:

www.sztuka-architektury.pl – under the Latest articles section you will find the voting frame “Polska Architektura 2023 – głosowanie”, click on a category – e.g. Public, a list of nominees will unfold, select an object and click Vote.

www.sztuka-wnetrza.pl home page under the Latest articles section – there is a voting frame “Plebiscite Polskie Wnętrze 2023 – głosowanie”, we click a category – e.g. Public, a list of nominees develops, we select and click Vote.

www.sztuka-krajobrazu.pl – home page under the section Hot – there is a voting frame “Plebiscyt Polski Krajobraz 2023 – głosowanie”, we click on the category – e.g. Private Gardens, a list of nominees develops, we select and click Vote.

Important information for voters:

Taking into account the votes of Internet users from previous editions of the plebiscite, in order to objectivise online voting, we have introduced a lock after the vote has been cast. You can cast your vote for a selected project only once, by providing your e-mail address to which a verification link will be sent. After clicking on it, the vote will be added and the form will be permanently blocked for the voter using the given e-mail address.

See how to cast your vote: HERE

Architects assess the architects

Traditionally, the winners of the competition will be chosen in two ways: in addition to the favourites of the public voting via the Internet, the winners will also be indicated by a professional jury, consisting of the Winners of the previous edition of the Plebiscite and representatives of the Honorary Patrons. In the PA XXL 2023 edition, the jury consists of:

  1. Kinga Wojtanowska (INDO Architects)
  2. Bogusław Barnaś (BXB studio)
  3. Karol Pasternak (NOKE Architects)
  4. Aleksandra Hyz (Hyz Projektuje)
  5. Jakub Botwina (ACANTHUS Studio of Landscape Architecture)
  6. Michał Józefczak (Planea)
  7. Agnieszka Kalinowska-Sołtys (President of SARP)
  8. Sławomir Gzell, President of KaeU PAN
  9. Magdalena Wałek (Editor-in-chief of the Sztuka Architektury Group)

Criteria for selecting projects

For this year’s edition of the plebiscite, it was possible to submit buildings completed in 2023 as well as those that did not take part in Polish Architecture 2022 but were commissioned in 2022.

The criteria for selecting the most interesting buildings were their functionality, innovation, compliance with current social, environmental and technical trends. We were also looking for works by offices and teams that are not yet part of the mainstream of Polish architecture, but are distinguished by their ambition and creative approach to design, comments the editors of the Sztuka Architektury Group.

The results of the internauts’ vote will be announced on 9 April 2024, while the results of the experts’ vote will be announced at the Polish Architecture XXL 2023 Plebiscite Gala to be held in late May/early June 2024.

Organiser: Art of Architecture Group

Honorary Patrons: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Committee of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Polish Academy of Sciences, NIAiU, SARP, SAW, TUP, PLGBC, DAFA

Media Patrons: Rzeczpospolita, rp.pl, WhiteMAD, Nowy Magazyn, Czas na wnętrze, MAGAZIF, Izolacje, Przegląd budowlany, Poinf of Design, terazdom.pl, Informator Teraz Dom, example.pl, archiweb.pl, oknonet.pl, budowa.org, budownictwo.org, nieruchomosci.biz

source: press materials

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