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The purpose of parking posts and blockades is one. They are to prevent a car from being left in a parking space that has a specific owner. However, placing different models of blockades right next to each other is an aesthetic misfit. It’s like everyone painting their part of the building facade in their own way. How do we put this in order?

Theoretically, there could be no posts or parking blocks at all. They could, if it were not for the phenomenon of cars being left in the wrong spaces. Every resident of the estate who belongs to their estate group on Facebook knows how common this problem is. “The owner please remove the car,” he says. “Please remove the vehicle immediately, otherwise I will call the municipal police”. This type of content appears on the groups very often and not only applies to above-ground parking spaces, but also to those in the underground garage.

The erection of posts and blockades helps to curb this practice, so their presence is perfectly understandable. Another issue is their appearance. Can’t estate managers promote a single design? Suggest the idea that it is worthwhile for such constructions to be consistent for the entire estate?

At present, it is up to the owner of the parking space to decide which posts and blockades to install. During a short walk around one of the housing estates in Warsaw we counted as many as 13 different designs. In addition to permanently fixed posts, there are also road bollards. In one case, a parking space was blocked by… a huge branch. Only one parking bay with four spaces had a consistent blocking design. Most look like this:

There is no need to prepare special changes in the law and regulations that would mandate the installation of one type of blockade for the entire housing estate. The fact that it is possible to come to an agreement and jointly influence the aesthetics of a housing estate has my personal example.

I live on the ground floor, and have a small garden. Shortly after I bought the flat, one of my neighbours set up a joint chat on the Messenger app, where we raised the issue of putting up a fence next to our gardens. We quickly decided that each garden should have the same fence so as not to create a mottled juxtaposition. Analysing the fences of earlier stages, we unanimously chose an anthracite colour and one model. No one protested, everyone understood the purpose of this choice. May similar discussions arise regarding the erection of posts and parking blocks. It may seem trivial, but such details really do matter.

photos: whiteMAD editorial team

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