Poznan: Kórnik tramway with green track

The Kórnicka route in Poznań will soon be distinguished by a green trackway. Sedum will decorate most of the route from Jana Pawła II street to the Lecha housing estate.The reconstruction of the route includes solutions that will also benefit amphibians

The contractor has already realised part of the green trackway. A fragment of this route can be seen in the photos we are publishing

The first sedum mats appeared on the section from Jana Pawła II Street to Milczańska Street. This is where the new tracks have been installed and the catenary is being strung. Sedum is a hardy plant that performs well in difficult conditions such as drought. The rest of the work is already well advanced, and progress can be seen not only on the tracks, but also at bus stops and in the pedestrian and cycle infrastructure,” says Tomasz Płóciniczak, vice-president of the company Poznanskie Inwestycje Miejskie

New tracks have also been laid on another section of the route, i.e. from Milczańska Street towards the Tysiąclecia housing estate. In turn, on the section from os. Tysiąclecia to od. Lecha, adjacent to the Traszki Ratajskie ecological site, the track bed substructure works are nearing completion. The contractor is preparing to install new rails at this location

Interestingly, scientists from the Poznań University of Life Sciences were involved in the renovation of the track. Thanks to them, a herpetological fence was installed to prevent newts from entering the tram track. Underground passages for amphibians were also constructed under the tram tracks – they can be used by amphibians living in the habitats of the ecological site Traszki Ratajskie (read more HERE)

The works covered a 2 km section of the route. As part of the works, bus shelters at Polanka and the Tysiąclecia housing estate will be replaced. A new Łacina stop will also be built, which will be used by residents of the new housing estates

The reconstructed route is to be put into service at the end of this year. For passengers, it is a revolution – trams will no longer have to reduce speed, this will be possible thanks to new rails, poles and overhead line. Importantly for residents of nearby blocks of flats, the trams are expected to run more quietly along the renovated route

New pavements will be laid parallel to the route and a cycle path will be laid on the new surface. The section between Jana Pawła II Street and Milczańska Street already shows what the infrastructure will look like. Pedestrians and cyclists will also be able to use the crossing and track crossing at the level of Milczańska Street. It will not be intended for drivers, as traffic has already been routed through the new crossing at the level of Pleszewska Street

source: Poznan Municipal Investments

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