Poznan: tram stop with green walls. Construction has started

In Poznań, a new tram stop will be built on the Junikowo loop. Its design was created by the Bułat Architekci studio. The stop is distinguished by its modern shape and its walls are to be covered with climbing plants.

Passengers will soon be able to use the new stop. Construction of a new canopy at the Poznań Junikowo loop is underway. Its walls flow seamlessly into the roof, which will provide protection from the rain. In total, the Poznań Junikowo loop includes a tram stop and a bus stop.

The scope of the work will not change the traffic system within the Junikowo loop, nor will it change its location or the number of platforms – the work, which began at the end of March, includes the refurbishment of elements of the canopies, which were in poor technical condition. What specifically will change at the stop?

The canopy cladding made of semi-transparent polycarbonate panels, the soffit and the roof finish will be removed. The steel structure of the existing canopies will be preserved – it will be cleaned and protected against corrosion; if any damage is found, individual elements of the structure will be replaced with new ones. The roof drainage and light fittings within the canopies will also be replaced. This will be followed by a new roof covering of trapezoidal sheet metal and side wall covering of aluminium louvres – providing better illumination for the bus stop platforms.

On the inside, at the tram and bus platforms, an additional transparent cover will be installed to protect passengers from wind and rain. On the external walls, ‘green walls’ are planned based on evergreen species and fast-growing vinoblosses. The vines will be stretched on aluminium slats and stainless steel guide wires, describes Bułat Architekci.

The work is expected to take six months.

design: Bułat Architekci

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