Psie Pole in Szczecin. It features a playground, a dog run and a roller skating track.

Psie Pole in Szczecin is located on the Zawadzki estate. A somewhat neglected corner of the city has been transformed into a green space with a children’s playground, an enclosure for pets complete with toys and obstacle courses, as well as a roller-skating track and many other attractions.

The municipal services company has completed the acceptance inspections, which means that the new park in the so-called Psi Pole can be considered open. Even before the weekend, the fences erected for the construction period will disappear

Over the past ten months, the clearing between the blocks of flats in the Zawadzkiego housing estate, which was empty until recently, has changed beyond recognition. It is now a beautifully landscaped place for local residents to play and relax
A large, colourful and full of attractions playground has been made available to the youngest children. There are houses, ladders, linariums, slides, trampolines or swings in several versions, and even a ‘sky skateboard’

If the Psie Pole, then there could be no shortage of space for pets. Neighbouring doggies can enjoy a fenced enclosure with play and learning equipment. There are also dog parks and, outside the paddock, a watering hole – for both dogs and people. The backbone of the park is, of course, the greenery. In addition to the extensive lawns, we have a striking perennial bed. A similar one, even larger and equally colourful, will soon be created on another section of the grounds. There are also climbing plants, which will in time cover the wooden pergola. A flower meadow has also been sown, which will temporarily remain fenced off so that the seeds have a chance to germinate

There are also plenty of new shrubs and trees. There will be more of the latter, as further plantings are planned for the autumn. There will be a total of around 300, including such species as red chestnuts, ambrosia, robinia, hornbeams, birches, magnolias, ornamental apple trees, pear trees, lime trees, lilacs, dogwoods and goldcaps

The plant species are chosen not by chance – the predominant ones are the melliferous ones, which will attract useful insects, butterflies and birds. There are even special houses set up for these smallest creatures

The park is criss-crossed by new paths with benches, waste bins and lanterns. There is also a special track for inline skating. Towering over everything is a tower for swallows from the SBO project. There are also signs with the park’s rules and regulations, where, among other things, littering, damaging equipment, uprooting plants or drinking alcohol is forbidden – as we would like to remind you. The work was carried out by Usługi Budowlane Wiesław Furtak, at a cost of around PLN 3.9 million

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