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Pyramids in Ustroń entered in the register of monuments. It is a valuable example of this type of architecture

on 8 September 2023, the pyramids in Ustroń were entered in the register of immovable monuments of the Silesian Voivodeship. The Ustroń-Zawodzie therapeutic and rehabilitation district is an iconic example of holiday social-modern architecture. It is another building of this type that has been placed under statutory protection

The complex of sanatorium and spa buildings consists of 21 buildings. Designed by Aleksander Franta, Henryk Buszko and Tadeusz Szewczyk, it began to be built in the 1960s and the last buildings were completed in 1988

Pyramids in Ustroń. Author: Bronisław Miech

Piramidy w Ustroniu

The justification for the application reads

The therapeutic and rehabilitation district Ustroń-Zawodzie (Cieszyn county, Silesian voivodeship), built in 1968-1988 (architects: Henryk Buszko, Aleksander Franta, Tadeusz Szewczyk) as a recreational facility for the inhabitants of the Upper Silesian Industrial District, is an iconic example of holiday social-modernist architecture. It should be pointed out that the value of the whole establishment was created using the advantages of its picturesque location, in a place which is a tourist attraction of the region, on the eastern side of the Vistula River, in the Zawodzie district, situated at the foot of the Równica and Polanica mountains, in the vicinity of the railway station starting the marked tourist routes in the south-western direction to Czantoria Wielka and Stożek, in the west to Równica, and in the south-east to Magurka and Barania Góra. The route is widely regarded as extremely charming due to the scenic beauty of the beech-forested slopes. Since 1959, the area has been incorporated into the Beskid health and holiday resort belt Ustroń-Wisła-Szczyrk and its architectural development has begun

Secondary buildings (e.g. single-family houses and farm buildings) that have appeared in the spa area over the past few decades have not significantly disturbed its layout. It is worth mentioning that the original project was never realised in its entirety. Only 17 of the 28 planned pyramids were built
Today, some of the historic buildings are in need of repair and works. Others, affected by secondary transformations, are also in need of architectural clean-up. Despite visible minor traces of wear and tear or locally adverse building interventions, most of the buildings have retained their original character and present clear typological values and former qualities. In September 2022 HERE we wrote about the officially presented plans for the development of the spa. In their concepts, the architects refer to the solutions proposed by the designers of the historic establishment


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